The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 555

If you have been taking this countdown journey with me these past 555 days (and even visited well before then), you know how much I love to talk about G.O’s beauty ~ both inner and outer. Yeah, it is pretty much a mainstay here mostly because I never grow tired of talking about it, and also because he consistently gives me reasons to celebrate his gentle but ever potent beauty. I know I have become redundant but still, it will never stop me from saying it one more time! Maybe I need to create a new vocabulary or language designed just for him you know, to spice things up. How very Tolkien of me! That sounds too complex actually and I rather like to keep it simple! Today is a Fan-Camming Friday day and I decided I am going to keep it short and simple on the cam end, but supplement the post with a bounty of G.O’s beauty captured at Music Bank Hong Kong on 23 June 2012.

We have all heard the saying ‘less is more‘ but somehow I cannot see it applying to G.O. With him, I will always want more. More music, more smiles, more survival reports, etc. You get what I mean. But, as you have discovered here throughout this countdown series, often times I have offered the smallest of smallest tidbit of G.O whether it was his voice or his playfulness. That is because I still feel every moment captured of his journey is worth remembering and sharing. If you feel the same way, then you will agree that even seven seconds of a G.O dance groove at the close of Music Bank Hong Kong is not only worthy of space here on the blog, but a necessary shot of feel good goodness!

His wave. His smile. His hip and shoulder grind. Seven seconds of heaven, if you ask me.~^^


~( ˘ ɜ˘) ♬♪♫~

[Image cr. as tagged; video cr. Blingkrrr]




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