The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 532

Gwanghwamun Sonata’s Kang Hyun Woo was a role filled with angst and intensity, and the road to bring him to life on the musical stage demanding. Nevertheless, it was filled with a fair amount of levity for our talented main vocal in his first musical theater role. Perhaps having to share the role with bandmate Seung Ho made the process not only easier, but also fun. Getting to explore unchartered adventures always seem to be less daunting when you can navigate them with a trusted friend. I have to say with confidence that by the end of 2012, MBLAQ’s 87-Line were perhaps more like brothers. And while we wait for our quiet leader to begin his military service, our gregarious main vocal has (officially) under 200 days remaining in his own. But I am not going to go crazy with excitement just yet. No, today I am just going to revisit the early days of Gwanghwamun Sonata when G.O met and began exploring the complex and magnetic Kang Hyun Woo.

When I look back at G.O’s three musical theater roles, I have to believe that each were a perfect fit. You may recall G.O once spoke about characteristically not being similar at all to Gwanghwamun’s Hyun Woo. To step into a role that you feel is ideologically opposite to who you are is a fantastic acting challenge. So when G.O was given this opportunity, it really allowed him to experience what I assume most actors dream of: playing a character that is completely opposite of who they are. Now, when I think about how apparently charismatic Hyun Woo was, I would have to remind G.O of his own very potent charisma. He may not have recognized it in himself in connection with Hyun Woo, but his director Lee Gina certainly did. A good director cannot only see potential, but can also nurture and guide an actor to fulfill that potential.

Gwanghwamun Sonata was G.O’s first musical theater project. It was going to be entirely different from anything he had done. And yes, although there is a certain amount of theatrics that come part and parcel with a concert tour, musical theater is a bit more regimented and introduces a new element to the performance: acting. However, having a nurturing and relaxed atmosphere as he began the process of learning musical theater hopefully eased any anxiety or concern G.O may have had about successfully bringing his interpretation of Hyun Woo to the stage.

A little bit of fun, a fair amount of serious and a lot of hard work – pretty much the recipe for success in all we do, wouldn’t you agree?


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