The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 530

With the revival of Seopyeonje coming next month, I cannot help but recall the excitement and thrill of seeing G.O on the musical stage. I often rewatch the many cams capturing those magical moments. From his opening number through the last notes that left his lips, each song G.O sang to bring Dong Ho’s story to the stage was a perfect Vocal Virtuosity moment. Each and every one of them. In one way or another, I know I have shared them all somewhere here either in this countdown series or other posts. Seopyeonje left its mark on me. Rather, G.O in Seopyeonje left its mark on me. I don’t mind going back to write about the show, his performance or the music over and over again. Today, I am placing the opening song Alive in the Vocal Virtuosity vault. Because quite frankly, it belongs there.

G.O singing an aggressive rock & roll number was explosive and it took me completely off guard. He commanded the stage with a voice as bold and powerful as any seasoned rock star. It was impressive to say the least and I admit I was blown away.

Alive was a new song added to the musical that year and it gave G.O the opportunity to wow critics and fans alike revealing a range that not too many artists possess. The beauty of this role for G.O was the amazing blend of songs he was assigned to sing. From the tenderest of heart felt ballads, to the incendiary sounds of pure rock & roll, G.O proved capable of delivering all with that special raw and honest emotion that seems to be intrinsically a part of his artistry as well as who he is as a man.


[Video cr. 박정희]



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