The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 456

Taking this journey back to The Kingdom of the Winds has flooded my heart with emotion. It is the poignancy of G.O’s performance that calls me back over and over again to revisit the moments he spent on the Seoul Arts Center stage. Today I am offering a Vocal Virtuosity moment, but not from the stage. I choose the moment G.O and his co-star from the musical, Go Young Bin visited the Culture Bookmark show, talked about the musical, and performed the haunting 무휼과 호동의 노래 [Muhyul and Hodong’s Song].

I have written in the past about the deep and authoritative baritone voice of Go Young Bin opposite G.O’s lissome and gentle tenor. The contrast set the tone perfectly between an aggressive warrior king and his innocent and fragile son.

Hodong’s opening lines in the song are made that much more heartbreaking when interpreted by G.O’s impassioned and emotional voice. Pleading, Hodong asks, ‘Father, what do you want me to do?’ This tender and lost child prince dreams having the love of his father, of walking hand-in-hand with him, of being the potential king his father wishes he could be. Yet somehow both father and son know this will never be. Seriously, it is so freaking sad!!! Sigh . . .

G.O breaks my heart into a million pieces when he sings this song, every time I listen to it. Still, it is one of the most powerful songs in the entire musical. And it was our sweet and gentle prince who had the honor of singing it.


[Video cr. YouareMyplus]

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