The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 445

I bet you are probably wondering . . . ‘will she make it through the entire alphabet before G.O is discharged?‘ Yeah, I wonder about that too, especially since he has a little over nine months remaining in his service and the way time is moving, I may lose track and not see my way through all 26 letters. But I like a challenge, as trite and ridiculous as this one may seem. Building vocabulary is great exercise for the mind, and seeking out ways to describe G.O is just another way of keeping fit!

B is for Beguiling

The word beguile encompasses so many meanings namely, being captivating, mesmerizing, enchanting or hypnotic. G.O beguiled me from the start. I just had to look into his deep, dark eyes and I was reeled in and captured. For me, G.O is the epitome of beguiling. For this second offering of The ABC’s of G.O, I am choosing pictures from my fave photographer, A Lucky Day, who always seemed to capture G.O at his beguiling best. Often, that was when he was lost in song, with his hand on his heart and his eyes filled with tenderness.

Even when his eyes are closed.

Or when he is softly gazing out into the expanse of the crowd.

Has G.O successfully beguiled you yet?~😘


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