The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 419

Ok, I think I am back on schedule with the G.O One Shots. I decided that with just a little over 300 days left (312, to be exact), I am going to be less stringent with some of the parameters I have set for myself here on the Countdown. Much like our serene music man, I am going to relax and let things effortlessly flow. Today’s flow is all about the 14 January 2012 Music Core performance of the powerful 전쟁이야 [This Is War]. I cannot help but turn this one shot .gif day into a multi-shot .gif day. See, I am happily stepping outside of the One Shot boundaries, it and feels good.~^^

This is probably one of my favorite music showgram performances of 전쟁이야 [This Is War] ~ ever. The intensity was electric. The choreography was tight and powerful. The vocals were strong and clear. The military-inspired costumery was sleek and sexy in design. And every moment G.O was given camera time during the performance ~~~> explosive and hypnotic.

Can we handle more . . . ?

Straight to the heart ~~~~~> 💔 !!!


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