The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 412

I don’t believe I am exaggerating when I say that from 2009 through 2013, the men of MBLAQ (collectively and individually) were the undisputed kings of variety. I think you will find truth and subsequent proof in this bold statement by watching (or re-watching) some of their show appearances and specifically those shows that were built around them. Idol Manager was one of those very shows. I have not yet shared any IM moments here on the Countdown ~ gasp! Today, I have a particular yearning to reminisce. My usual M.O here with episodic shows has been to choose a random episode and hope that it held a good many G.O memorable moments to share. For my first visit to Idol Manager during this countdown series, I am choosing Episode 5. It is ripe with so much goodness, I almost don’t know where to begin.

Episode 5 of Idol Manager is special, especially if you want to experience the full complement of what is perhaps the foundation of so many of the amazing attributes that shape and mold G.O’s incredibly endearing character and personality. Moreover, we get to hear him sing.

If you recall, Episode 5 was when various of MBLAQ’s close friends came to spend the day with the guys and their three beauty managers (Park Kyung Lim, Kim Sae Rom and Jeon Yul). There were moments of complete hilarity for example when Kyung Lim told one of Seung Ho’s friends that (based on his good looks and chocolate abs) he should not be studying and should go right into the entertainment business to which G.O quickly retorted by saying: “So if someone can come into the entertainment business because they are good-looking, how did someone like you make it?” OMG….G.O!!!! So naughty. >< I think Kyung Lim has a special place in her heart for G.O’s mischief. She gave him a little stank eye but then said she got lucky, that’s why. I think any comedian (male or female alike) will always meet their match with G.O!

Although he is mischievous, he cares for every single person.
~Seung Ho said of G.O

The poignant moments of this episode however are what really left a lasting impression on me and yes, melted my heart. The story of G.O’s generosity and kindness come as no surprise. But I completely melted when his friend Jo Minjae told the story of when he was studying in Japan and MBLAQ came for a concert. He said he and G.O met up and even though G.O had a schedule the next day, he stayed up all night visiting with Minjae saying it was ok if he did not get to sleep. *melts* Another melt-worthy moment is when Minjae and G.O sing R. Kelly’s I Believe I Can Fly, a song G.O said he and Minjae often sang together while in middle school. *melting even more*

As much fun as this episode was overall, it gave a deeply sweet and insightful look at G.O as seen through the eyes of a long-time friend. I know I praise G.O a lot about his character, talent and well . . . just about anything else. It is clear I love to expound on his graciousness, warmth and kindness. Some may think I do it too much, in fact. But to hear Minjae speak so highly of G.O’s character and to have it further confirmed by MBLAQ’s very observant leader, gives me comfort in knowing that my ever-devoted fangirl heart has not been clouding my perception at all.

No, I think it would take me a few lifetimes to go overboard when honoring and praising G.O, and certainly more than the 319 days remaining in this countdown series.


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