The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 394

Hehehehehe……this man and his adorable sense of humor never cease to entertain me. Instead of a music-oriented Fan-Camming Friday moment today, I am choosing a little blip of G.O from the 9 June 2013 mini Inkigayo outdoor fan meeting. In addition to the incredible Sexy Beat style that he knew he was absolutely killing (and he totally was), G.O also made it a point to mention that even though he wears sunglasses, he has very handsome eyes.

I cannot argue with that statement as he definitely has a point. Nevertheless, sporting sunglasses seemed to really go hand-in-hand with G.O’s Sexy Beat style. Of course, I believe he has the kind of features that lend themselves well to eyewear. Perfect in fact. That said, I also love his eyes and prefer to see them unobstructed. They are incredibly expressive and romantic. And the deep dark chocolate color only add to their warmth.

I cannot be certain as this cam is not subbed, but I think he was taking a little heat about the glasses and was being urged to remove them so that in fact the fans could get a look at his handsome eyes.

I love that G.O is always ready, willing and able to please his fans graciously, but that he also is not adverse to giving a little playful grief in return before obliging. <hehehehe>

눈이 잘 . . . I concur fine sir, you do have good eyes. In fact, you have great eyes!~😎


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