The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 353

Way back on Day 245, I talked about the wonderful spring G.O was enjoying in 2014. With two critically acclaimed musicals and a comeback with MBLAQ, he was riding high and seeing quite a bit of press coverage which included landing on the cover of a couple of magazines. Pretty cool! Day 245 was a G.O One Shot day (like today). At that time, I shared a couple of beautiful shots from Campus Job & Joy and said I would not crowd that one shot post with all of the pictures contained in the article as each deserved its own moment to shine. Today is another One Shot day where I will let another moment from that May 2014 issue of Campus Job & Joy charm you.

Getting a little frisky with that straw there, sir!! SO CUTE! Let’s pause for a moment though to enjoy how magnificent that soft grey herringbone jacket looks on this gorgeous man. And how about that delightful straw fedora? I envy G.O for being able to wear any color. Everything looks good on him (of course, this may be due the bias-colored glasses I wear that inevitably create that effect).~^^

I do appreciate a man with strong arms and will remain ever grateful that G.O has a penchant for baring those powerful forearms of his ~ and, often.

So very perfect.


[Image cr. Campus Job & Joy]

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