The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 306

I was thinking about Broken promotions today and how clueless I was at that time to have made the most of being in Seoul when MBLAQ released their 6th mini album. I mean, I could have gone to so many of the promotions if I only knew how to go about it at that time. I was just stepping into the fandom then and the only thing on my mind was G.O. Although MBLAQ had released their Japanese single, Still In Love just prior to Broken, I was still somewhat out of the loop and the thought of trying to get to any promotions did not really cross my mind. Despite my own ineptitude, I don’t look back on that trip to Seoul as a failure. On the contrary. It was my MBLAQ awakening, as it were, and the very moment I met and came face-to-face with my one true bias. On 8 April 2014 I would see G.O perform for the first time in Seopyeonje, however earlier that day he and MBLAQ were at the SBS studios getting their 남자답게 [Be A Man] groove on for The Show, which resulted in a fabulous G.O- focused cam.

There is no denying the power of G.O’s magnetism. Mix that with the provocative performance of 남자답게 [Be A Man] and the effects produce that which no drug in modern history or otherwise could replicate. When I watch G.O perform and listen to him sing this song I get lost in the way his body moves and the mellifluous and passionate tones of his beautiful voice. Complete intoxication, I tell you. His eyes are dreamy and intense as they look out into the expanse of the studio and even when they momentarily lock on the camera that is so diligently following his every move.

I am so very appreciative that Wheesung gave MBLAQ 남자답게 [Be A Man]. Equally impressive, however, is G.O’s ability to forge music liaisons that bring nuance and eclecticism to MBLAQ’s sound and visuals. This is why I know that no matter what the future holds for MBLAQ, G.O’s connections in the industry (that no doubt started during Tykeys and perhaps even earlier) will provide him guidance and assurance whether he navigates his art as a solo artist, or with MBLAQ.

I believe G.O has earned the respect and trust of many writers, composers and producers which will always pave the way for him. Gosh….I really want to see him excel and shine. And I continue to want the world to hear his voice and feel his heart. I believe G.O has so much to offer and a gift so beautiful that it should be shared, if he is willing to continue sharing.

The Broken era saw a distinct move into a more polished and sophisticated style. There was a gravitas and restraint in the way G.O and MBLAQ gracefully continued to move forward, stepping completely outside of the traditional Kpop mold creating an artistic style of their very own. I know that I have voiced (and often) that I love every MBLAQ era. This is true. But for Day 306 of G.O’s service . . .

. . . I am particularly loving on Broken.


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