The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 301

On 15 July 2010, M Countdown broadcast its 200th episode. They did what any good show would do to celebrate the milestone and make fans happy: they enlisted their team of MCD Guyz, G.O being one of them, and planned a 200 free hugs event. I have to admit that the fangirl in me would have possibly sold her soul to be one of the fortunate fans that day to receive a hug from G.O. Other than possibly scoring a selca with your bias, a hug has to probably be one of the most coveted gifts a bias can bestow upon a fan. Even though this was a planned and controlled event, I have to add it to the list of many moments of G.O’s fabled fan service.

I am pretty sure he was not aware of it at the time on that fine summer day, but G.O was actually administering some pretty potent medicine handing out those hugs, along with his fellow MCD Guy, Lee Joon (and six other artists from 2PM, 2AM and CNBlue, collectively). There have been numerous studies over the healing power of hugs. It’s true. They have been known to strengthen the immune system, make us more patient, are the perfect treatment for stress and anxiety, balance the nervous system, release dopamine which produces good feelings and motivation, and in fact have been known to build self esteem. Hugs have some powerful magic. And will you just look at him!!! So much warmth! The perfect medicine indeed.

And administered with such politeness and charm. That’s our G.O!~♥


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