The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 259

I recall feeling a rush of absolute excitement when the charmers of MBLAQ released the track list for their 8th mini album, Mirror, and there was a song penned by G.O entitled, I Know You Want Me. I could not even begin to wrap my brain (or emotions) around the fact that he wrote a song with a seemingly provocative title. And, he gave that song an English title. The anticipation of hearing a new G.O composition was overwhelming . . . I could hardly wait!

It was no secret that at the close of 2014, the departures of Lee Joon and Cheondung from MBLAQ left a wound that would require some deep and patient healing. I always felt that in the wake of tragic events, setbacks or the like, an artist would turn to their art to heal.

I am not sure that was necessarily the case for G.O. If you recall during King of Masked Singer, in the post-elimination interview, G.O mentioned that he questioned why he was still singing. An artist of his caliber who has lived and breathed music from such a young age finding himself questioning not only his profession, but his life source, was truly heartbreaking.

However, when I listen to Mirror, I hear hope as opposed to the sadness that was so prevalent in Winter, and I am eased in knowing that perhaps the process of composing, writing, arranging and producing Mirror was in fact, healing after all. That feeling was solidified (for me) with I Know You Want Me.

Cheeky, fun and so very upbeat, this song is a tonic we all needed from Byung Hee. I Know You Want Me does not hold back – on the fun or the frisky! It’s funky retro charm is playful yet at the same time, it is deceptively provocative:

Follow this rhythm and softly give me your arm
Just follow me, just like your heart wants
I know u want me baby I want u be my lady
So I can give you everything you want
Tonight tonight tonight tonight It just tonight
So only we can feel it
Tonight tonight tonight tonight It just tonight
So everything else but us will be buried in darkness . . .

When I first learned of the title, I was convinced it was going to be some steamy R&B slow jam and frankly, I am relieved G.O decided to leave it out of the bedroom (well…somewhat, hehehehe) and let it play out its flirtatious fun on the dance floor.

Can you imagine if he did slow it down though?

~😵 😵 😵~

On second thought . . . maybe not.


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