The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 255

I have to admit that I admire the balance of strength and softness that houses itself so effortlessly in G.O. He exudes a masculinity that is always present and evident, but it is never threatening or chauvinistic. Perhaps it is because he has surrendered himself to his softer side, embraces it, and is not afraid to reveal it. Am I the only one who finds this extremely attractive? I have not met very many men like this and perhaps this is why I am so smitten with G.O. I have to believe that development of this delicate balance came early, when he was a child perhaps. Moreover, I have to believe it had something to do with how he was nurtured. I have to believe it started with family.

In January 2010, MBLAQ was just three short months post-debut. The world was just getting to know them. As they were making their rounds on various music competition programs, they were also getting major exposure on various Korean variety programs. What made MBC’s 22 January 2010 broadcast of Happy Day particularly entertaining (and charming) is that along with getting to meet the men of MBLAQ up close and a little more personal, they brought along their families, and G.O’s family was especially well-represented. Oh my!!

Now MBLAQlopediacs may have to correct me if I am wrong, but I think this may be the first instance of fans actually meeting members of G.O’s family, particularly his adorable twin nephews, Yoon and Wan. Inasmuch as the MC attempted to make light of the fact that our tender-hearted main vocal brought such a strong family contingency to the show (father, mother, aunt, cousin, first oldest sister, brother-in-law and twin nephews), G.O did not waiver. Nor was he hesitant to explain that as he does not get to see his family often, the recording of the show presented a perfect opportunity for him to visit with them.

G.O beamed as he introduced his family, didn’t he? I am such a sap!! He is as proud of them as they are of him, right?! Really makes him all that much more endearing. Really endearing.

I admit that I just melt over G.O with his family. Pictures, videos, you name it. There is a warmth and wonderful dynamic he has with them. They may live far apart but their connection seems tight and strong. Above all else, there seems to be so much love between them.

The importance of family has always appeared to be very strong with G.O and I know I have said it many times before, but it bears repeating: this strong sense family in G.O really seems to trickle down affecting all of his relationships. Once you get the opportunity to meet him face-to-face, I think you will understand when I say he makes you feel like family. He appreciates the support and love he receives from fans honestly, and with great modesty. I believe the love and support G.O receives from his fans nurtures his art much like in the way the love and support he receives his family nurtures his spirit.

Funny . . . when I think of the word nurture, I always associate it with G.O ~ every time.


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