The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 246

I am not your average scream-my-head off at a concert kind of person, generally speaking. If I was at MBLAQ’s Sensation Tour in November 2013, however, and witnessed their cheeky rendition of Beyoncé’s  Put A Ring On It, I am pretty sure my screams would have ripped the roof right off of the venue. The best part of watching the cams from the performance is not so much the sparkle body suit G.O wore, but the incessant smile that would not leave his face.

I will be leaving Seoul tomorrow. And I admit to being a bit depressed about that but this is how it goes each and every time I visit South Korea. I always want to stay just a little longer. So to cure my impending departure blues, I am going to revisit this playful performance from with a focused emphasis on the sensational G.O from the November 23, 2013 Global Sensation Tour in Seoul.

He was having fun, right? They all were. There are so many reasons to love MBLAQ and double the amount of that to love G.O, but the love and appreciation they have for their fans is perhaps my favorite.

No need to put a ring on it handsome, you have already captured my attention, my support, my heart and endless affection.

You were indeed working that sparkle bodysuit proper, sir!!^^


[Video cr. 링링]


  1. Nan says:

    I have never seen this before. And I have to mention that he is indeed “working it!” I would like to put in my vote for G.O… as best ASSet in MBLAQ! 😉 LOL

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