The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 235

Do you remember when it was when we first saw G.O after he concluded his basic training and settled into his public service post with the City of Seocho? I do. It was back in April and it was a traffic safety campaign. Remember the excitement of seeing him in the public service announcement with the gregarious mayor of Seocho, Mayor Cho Eun Hee? I wrote about it way back on Day 48. DAY 48!! We have patiently waited for Mayor Cho to put our favorite Seocho City staff member to work in front of the camera again. Five months and 187 days later, I get celebrate that moment!

Words cannot describe how adorable and cute Mayor Cho and G.O were during their five minute intro to the commencement of Seocho’s Seoripul Festival. It was Thursday, 23 September and Mayor Cho chose to go live on her Facebook page on the eve of the festival to talk about it and employed the assistance of our darling main vocal to get the frost festival ball rolling.

The excitement was overwhelming.  We had been given little clandestine updates by G.O of his well-being through various profile picture changes on both his Twitter and Instagram accounts. To be honest, I am perfectly satisfied with those, so long as they keep coming!! But to actually see him live and hear him speak, well for me, I hadn’t had that since the I.Callist Idol Vocal Concert back in February. So to see and hear him live during Mayor Cho’s Facebook live session was bombastic to say the least. I know I was not the only one thrilled and filled with excitement.

Apart from getting to finally see and hear G.O after seven long months, I cannot help but gush over the mutual affection he and Mayor Cho seem to have for one another.

G.O clearly respects and admires her:

And I think it is safe to say G.O has enchanted Mayor Cho:


There is a part of me that wonders if the ROK Army has some kind of screening process in place that filters public service enlistees, matching them with the best possible assignment for the duration of their service. Somehow I think the vetting process that sent G.O to Seocho was orchestrated by a military angel that knew he would not only be a perfect fit, but that he would find comfort and contentment in the position.


[Video cr. Seocho Mayor Cho Eun Hee]

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