The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 226

I realize that every time I sit down to write about G.O for any one of these Countdown posts, it becomes an exercise of pouring out my love and admiration (and bias) for him and usually with absolute abandon. I admit my heart has no filter when it comes to expressing how I feel. But let’s face it, there is much to be admired. Today I simply want to revisit both the Samsung and Seoul Sangnam World Cup shows on 15 June 2011 and 19 June 2011, and drink in the beautiful sights and sounds (and light) of G.O looking iridescent and amazing in white.

I always say I am going to keep it short ~ short as in 300 words or less. In fact, it truly was my intention when I set out to do this series to just post a picture or video, something short and sweet to commemorate each day G.O was away. Then something happened and before I knew it, I broke every single one of my brevity rules. I just really got into doing these posts and now 226 days in, I am starting to believe that this blog has nothing to do about adventures and everything to do about G.O! That said, it has been it’s own adventure in and of itself I suppose, and continues to be one. For today, let’s venture back to June 2011 and become momentarily blinded by our beautiful main vocal enveloped in white.

All of the men looked rather striking at these performances, to be honest. All were sporting jet black hair which provided a stunning palette against the black and (predominantly) white ensemble they all wore.

G.O, though……♥! This is my favorite hair color on G.O, hands down. Remember, this was one year post Y-era time where G.O ceremoniously dropped his mustache look in favor of a more demure and let’s face it, devastatingly drop-dead gorgeous on the edge of flower boy look.

Still, I could never deem G.O a flower boy. No way. Even at his softest, he is far too masculine. And it’s pretty lethal.


Ok, before we all go completely blind, let me close with a short G.O-focused cam from the soccer half-time at the Seoul Sangnam World Cup which features a little bit of swag and a whole lot of sexy.


[Image cr. as tagged; Video cr. PygmalionGO]

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