The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 222

I love everything about Mirror. It is a unique and tragically beautiful song that our amazing trio sunk every bit of emotion into when they introduced it to us in June 2015. And although I have not known him for very long, nor could I be so bold to assume I know his heart, what I think I can surmise adequately about G.O is that he will never shy away from revealing emotion. In my opinion, the veil of sadness that enveloped him throughout the Mirror promotions was not cathartic nor healing. It was, however, intense and emotional. On 11 June 2015, before the men of MBLAQ brought Mirror to the M Countdown stage, MNet captured G.O in a gorgeous focused fancam.

The feels watching this cam are overwhelming. G.O has no rival when it comes to translating emotion in song. But that emotion is compounded when you watch the story unfold through his dark and deeply expressive eyes. This is why I don’t always need to have lyrics translated. I just rely on G.O’s voice and the look in his eyes when he is telling the story in the song.

You don’t even have to hear anything to feel something when you watch G.O perform. He layers every note and every lyric with a physical interpretation that is spellbinding from his eyes to the way he moves through the choreography. G.O is a vocalist who is also a performance artist. I have said it before, but I do not mind saying it again, I love, love, LOVE the way music moves through him.

I hope music never ever lets him go. I hope music holds G.O captive for many years to come. And, I hope he always remains at its beck and call ready, willing and able to surrender himself to it over and over.


[Video cr. MNet Official]

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