The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 160

On July 26, 2015 two more fan signs were scheduled and you would think that since I had my first fan sign experience behind me that I could face the three charmers of MBLAQ with confidence. In theory, sure. In real time, not so much.

Right out of the gate I failed. I completely forgot to put a SD card in my camera. Therefore, no pictures. I suppose I could have just used my phone and I did manage to get some video. Certainly not high quality. It was disappointing, but it also afforded me the opportunity to just sit back and watch Seung Ho, G.O and Mir engage with their beloved A+.

Some things I remember fondly about Jamsil . . .

I was assigned Seat #99 out of 100. >< At Myeongdong we actually drew a number – it was completely random. I am trying to remember correctly for the remaining three, but I believe seat numbers were assigned. They most definitely were assigned in Jamsil, that I do remember! I remember finding it rather amusing that I was #99 out of 100! I felt like I was in the nosebleed section of the auditorium!! Seat number really did not matter, to be honest. Eventually, we all made it up to the stage.

By this third fan sign in Jamsil, G.O must have felt at ease enough to gently troll me. When I walked up, he threw his hands in the air and shifted back in his chair as if to say, You?? Again?? My immediate reaction was to apologize, which I did. Then, in my very limited Korean, told him I was going back to the US the following day.

Mir could not contain his enthusiasm when telling me that he loved the US. In Jamsil, he added a bonus shout out to President Obama. Hehehehehe…..even G.O laughed at that.~^^

In Jamsil, Mir asked me in Korean if I understood Korean. Miraculously, I understood him and (equally miraculously) answered in Korean. I told him that I was learning. He smiled.

In Ilsan, I have to remark that the atmosphere was somewhat somber. Perhaps because it was the last one. And given that G.O and Mir are both in the Army, I guess it kind of was….at least for a couple years.

Ilsan was quite a distance from Jamsil. In fact, we barely made it with time to spare before the fan sign started. It was a warm gorgeous night and yet not as many fans were there as there were at the previous three signs. Made for an intimate evening.

My Ilsan memories include making Seung Ho smile and laugh out loud. By this fourth fan sign, I was finally relaxed approaching Seung Ho. But just barely….lol!

Hearing G.O say my name twice. Yes, it sounded nice hearing it once, but somehow even sweeter the second time.

Getting reprimanded by staff for crouching down to be eye-to-eye with Mir so that I could tell him USA+ love his beautiful smile. Yeah, I got in trouble for that. Mir’s smile was worth it.

When I left Seoul the next day, I had no idea that the next time I would return would be seven months later to see G.O one final time before he enlisted. Truly bittersweet.

The wait to see G.O again may seem long. But when that moment arrives, it will be as sweet as his golden, honeyed voice. I cannot wait.


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