The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 148

I have stayed pretty distant from all things This Is War during the Countdown series because it is one of MBLAQ’s most iconic songs and one that is so intensely visceral that I quite honestly find it difficult to adequately write and talk about. The era alone in how they approached performing the song and the powerful visuals all five members displayed, from costuming to choreography, make This Is War an epic work of art.

There is absolutely nothing warm, soothing, sweet or cozy about this song. This Is War in and of itself is a declaration. And the war within the walls of the song is pitted between two men who were perhaps once friends, and who loved the same woman. Although love may be at its deepest core, the song still reminds us of its intent and purpose, to destroy:

Shut up, I don’t even wanna hear it
Beg until your tears dry up
I will see the end of this, just watch
You messed with the wrong person

We were in love and I only had her
But why, why did you touch my girl – no way

I brush myself off and get up
As much as I suffered, you just watch
You mess with love, you mess with friendship – just watch

There was still poetry amid the chaos which was captured beautifully in each of the special angles members versions of the Music Story DVD Collection of the song. Love, tragedy and no hope for redemption played out through movement, body language and music.

G.O’s version simmers with intensity. The collision of rage and heart break vying for position. His eyes teeming with anger:

While his soft heart shatters in silence:

G.O will forever be my champion in the art of interpreting a song. He brings everything he has to a set, a studio, and a stage to make sure the end product will make an audience feel every note, every lyric and every emotion coursing through him as he sings a song. He not only uses his voice, he uses his eyes, his body, his soul and in the wake of it, we are forever changed.

One who wants sentiment in his work must in the first place feel it himself, and live with his heart.
~Vincent Van Gogh


[Video cr. MBLAQ This Is War Music Story DVD Collection]




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