The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 137

As much as I do enjoy writing about the wonderful G.O, sometimes it is a nice break to just a post a picture or on this the 137th day of his military service, a GIF. Hmmmm….will it be playful? Demure? Sexy? I guess you are just going to have to continue reading to find out! ^.~

Ah….playful it is!!! There is no resisting the adorable Prince Ho Dong!!! Watching G.O bring the young prince to life on the musical theater stage was breathtaking overflowing with emotions that ran the gamut from absolute delight to devastating heartbreak – and every other emotion in between.

It would probably take me more than three lifetimes to find words adequate enough to describe how incredible G.O was in the role as the ill-fated young prince. And although he inspires me to want to sing his praises to the world and beyond (in all he does), I am wise enough to know that as hard as I may try, it will never be enough.


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