The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 132

Today marks G.O’s 132nd day of service which puts him officially under 600 days remaining! Yes, it may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things but each day completed is another day closer to discharge and that makes me happy. To celebrate this small milestone, I want to honor G.O, the composer. On this 132nd day, I ask you Byung Hee, R U Ok?

I think one of the many reasons I love the Sexy Beat album so much is because of its extraordinary level of production. In addition to the talent of MBLAQ, the men enlisted some bigs in the music making business to assist on the album from writing, composing and arranging to being studio musician band during recording. Primary, Crush, Zion T. and Simon D., to name a few, took part in the making of this album, one I believe G.O was truly proud of.

It was clear with Sexy Beat, MBLAQ’s fifth mini album, that they (and specifically G.O) were beginning to move aggressively into the composing/producing arena, a trend we continued to see with each of their subsequent albums.

So smooth and funky!!

R U Okay? is sweet and funky. G.O’s retro soul shines in this song. He wrote the lyrics with Mir and the music with Primary. Primary also played guitar on the cut and oh, that funky electric guitar holds court in this song and is so reminiscent of the R&B hits of the mid-1970’s. Seriously Byung Hee, are you sure you were born in 1987?

You have heard the term old soul, right? I found a nice thought about who old souls are: In spite of their age..even if very youthful, they have a presence about them that suggests wisdom, insight and level headedness that usually only comes from life experience or perhaps, have travel this earth before.

I am pretty sure G.O’s soul journeyed through as many eras of music as it has genres, gathering knowledge and wisdom of the music guides he met along the way, before safely arriving in late autumn 1987. I hope music continues to be the compass that guides him.


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