The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 109

As much as I am missing G.O these days, I am at least grateful that Hello Baby is filled with so many adorably sweet and entertaining moments of him to look back on and enjoy. I am relatively confident I will be able to eke out quite a few more of those moments over the course of these next 622 days. Remember the Bibimbap Song?

This episode was overflowing with so many goodies. One of those goodies was the recording of the infamous Bibimbap Song the children and their MBLAQ appas were preparing in anticipation of a musical they were going to perform at the end of the series.

I forgot all about the hilarity in this episode. You know though, any time G.O gets an opportunity to sing in any of the episodes, those eps quickly became favorites, even if the song takes him out of his comfortable ballad/r&b/pop zone.

Nevertheless, G.O faced the project professionally amid the nonsense. I noticed he was taking notes during the preliminary meeting with the composer of the song prior to recording. Sigh…..this man and his music, always a diligent student ~ even when said music is a playful children’s song!

Because G.O is a master at clandestinely delivering humor, I wasn’t sure he was being serious when he said of the impending musical that it was going to be a mixture of many various music genres: gugak, National Geographic (is that even a genre?), rock, R&B, and some trot.

So dreamy!

I think G.O is always cognizant regardless. It is kind of apropos that the musical would be a mixture of genres seeing how the entire premise of MBLAQ’s Hello Baby was based on raising children from multi (or mixed) cultural families. Smarty pants main vocal!! Simply the best.


[Video cr. AMBSubs]


    • Michele says:

      Kekekekekeke…..I think G.O had the power to destroy a few biases with Hello Baby. Absolutely!!

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