The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 105

The further time moves away from March 2014, the tighter I seem to hold on to the memories of all the moments leading up to G.O taking the Korean musical theater stage for the first time in Seopyeonje. The excitement of opening night was growing and news of the musical was everywhere. The promotions and interviews he took part in as a result of being cast in the musical were many both before and after the musical opened. An idol cast in the role of Dong Ho in this masterpiece musical was a first. G.O stepping out on to the Korean musical theater stage was also a first.

PlayDB, which has its finger on the pulse of all things musical theater, was one of the first to sit down and talk with G.O about his role in Seopyeonje, by featuring him in a March 3, 2014 article. Having had his first musical theater experience in Japan via Gwanghwamun Sonata, G.O indicated in the article that he wanted to have an opportunity to perform on the Korean musical theater stage stating that he “wanted to impress the audience as a musical actor, and not as singer, G.O.”

It is perhaps one of the more thoughtful and thorough interviews G.O gave regarding Seopyeonje wherein he talked about everything from the differences between acting in a musical and a drama, to working opposite each of his leading ladies in the musical, as well as learning the art of pansori. Of course, the article included some lovely photos of our handsome G.O, and even if there was only one, I would always be compelled nevertheless to create some kind of video or slide show. I can’t help it. I really enjoy looking at him.^^

The PlayDB photos are quiet, thoughtful and introspective. Even though the future of G.O’s musical theater career is unknown, back in March 2014 he was settling very nicely into adding musical theater actor to the list of his many talents, and doing it with maturity, class and sophistication.


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