The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 88

The November 19, 2011 broadcast of Immortal Song 2 was a particularly competitive one. It was the King of Kings Special episode where the contestants sang one of the songs that brought them a previous win and everyone surely brought their A-game to the show that evening. G.O returned with Kim Su Hee’s 못 잊겠어요 [I Can’t Forget] and it was every bit as smooth and jazzy as the night he first sang it back on August 13th.

In fact, it was better. Dressed in black, his gorgeous hair pushed up away from his forehead to give way to his ever expressive eyes, G.O eased into 못 잊겠어요 [I Can’t Forget] with a smoothness that was confident and flat-out sexy.

Oh my the groove in this song is so infectious. Couple that with the retro organ, soulful backup singers and G.O’s mellifluous voice, and we are once again reminded of how G.O moved Su Hee’s song into an entirely different genre: torchy ballad to funked-up jazzy soul. Seriously, I hope you are loving this performance as much as I do!

By the looks of the audience and his co-contestants, G.O had everyone captivated by his performance. Everyone was feeling his groove that evening. EVERYONE.

Although he did not take home the trophy that evening, G.O certainly proved once again that he is a master at his craft. There is hardly a doubt that he connects deeply with heartbreaking and achingly emotional ballads, true. In my opinion, he has the corner market on those. Nevertheless, it is awe-inspiring and wonderful to watch (and of course listen) to this beautiful man fall right into soulful jazz as it was tailored exclusively for him. Once again, this is the mark of an extremely versatile and gifted artist.

I know my bias towards him is big. I admit to being defenseless against the force and momentum of its growth. And yes, he has cast his spell upon me and I am duly smitten. But you can hardly blame me. When G.O steps on a stage and delivers a performance much like this Immortal Song 2 performance (or really any one of his performances), I would guess that by the close of song, he very likely will wreck a few biases and/or, at the very least, gain a few new fans.

That’s just the magic of G.O. ^.~

[Video cr. KBSKpop]


  1. Nan says:

    That ability to “let loose” and turn a song into something different is one reason I love G.O. (and Rain) so much. They’re not afraid to “have fun” with a song and truly make it memorable. To me when they let the song truly take them over… they are amazing.

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