The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 51

I admit that with G.O’s recent departure to the Army, I have been ruminating much over his early work and, as is evidenced here, writing about it. Because I enjoy the chemistry he shared with Jung Juri, I am going to drop little moments of the two of them here throughout these next 680 days, sort of like the one shots. For the first G.O~Juri moment, I am choosing one of my faves. ~^^

Everyone….and I mean everyone is rendered defenseless when on the receiving end of one of G.O’s tender serenades, including brazen comedienne Jung Juri. In fact, I think Miss Juri was not anticipating G.O to sing with such gentle (and gentlemanly) sincerity.

Did you catch yourself swooning along with Juri? Whether he sings in Korean, Japanese or English, he has proven one very succinct fact: music is magical and something that transcends language barriers. I believe G.O implicitly understands that music is a language all unto itself, vibrational and felt beyond the mere parameters of words.

I simply love the way this beautiful man touches us with the language of his heart: music. Every single time.


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  1. Nan says:

    Well I can understand how she felt… he always gets me with that voice of his too. Like an arrow straight for the heart. BAM… he doesn’t have to touch you. Just look in your direction and sing. And any woman would be total putty in his hands. LOL
    BTW, that song… when he sings it, it always turns me to mush.

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