The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 18

G.O seems to be a man of many consistencies. And when you are consistent, it does not mean you simply want to maintain a comfort level, or a status quo. No. To me, being consistent shows a sign of deep loyalty, reverence and respect to people, work, an idea…or, for G.O, a song.

We recently heard G.O sing 광화문 연가 [Gwanghwamun Sonata], disguised as the cutest bag of bungeoppang a dad could ever buy on King of Masked Singer. But, the first time he sang it was on the musical stage in the musical of  the same name. See what I mean about consistency? His memory consistent with a song that left such a deep mark on him that he chose to sing it again four years later in a singing competition show, confident it would resonate with audiences as much it did with him.

In the scene above from the musical, Hyun Woo is filled with incredible regret, anguish and longing. I will always respect and adore the way G.O allows music to consume him. It is an osmotic event the way he absorbs a song and let its melody and meaning saturate him to his artistic core.

And what about the audience? Well, they are scarred with the memory of a voice so tender and mellifluous, and a performance so genuine and sincere.


[Video cr. Yennefer M]


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