The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 11

As a long-time fan of SNL in the west, imagine my delight when I discovered that Korea was airing its own version and even better, that MBLAQ showed up to host an episode. Sketch comedy, digital shorts and G.O? This had fun written all over it.

With MBLAQ preparing for the release and subsequent promotions of their 5th mini album, Sexy Beat on June 4, 2013, they first made a visit to the SNL set wherein the wicked sharp wit of G.O was given some license to play. Sketch comedy is not only fun to watch, it is loads of fun to participate in.

As is standard operating procedure on SNL and the duty of all hosts, MBLAQ had to set the tone with an opening monologue.

He had me at chest hair………♥

And what is comedy without a little parody or two? When you are in an all male group, using another all male group as the foundation for your parody is helpful. When MBLAQ merged with New Kids on the Block’s Step By Step, it was an exercise in pure nonsense and fun. Each member laboriously trying to pick up the same woman in a club, and all failing miserably. Here, G.O makes his attempt:

Now I know I am biased, but G.O’s combination of sweet and sexy swag (work those shades!!) accompanied by a spoonful of playful dorkiness just works for me. And oh my, foot actor?!!! LOL! Love.

And how about parodying an iconic American television show? Well, why not??

To boldly go where no fangirl has dared attempted to go yet perhaps dreams of visiting on a regular basis. Oh my…..


The one thing I have learned from friends who perform sketch comedy on a regular basis is this: you have to approach it with no fear and definitely no inhibition. It is wonderful to watch G.O embrace his inner comedian so wholeheartedly and just go for it. A great artist approaches his art with abandon finding a connect or communion whether it be a song, a scene, or even a furry Vulcan.

As Korea’s tvN is a cable network, there is some license to push the envelope a bit – you know, to be provocative or even controversial. So it wasn’t surprising then that the show went so far as to allow G.O to explore some decidedly dark humor.

Note to self:  Never mess with group leader G.O!!!!!! Even though this digital short was supposed to be comedic in nature, it was really very dark. I loved it because it allowed G.O to once again dabble in acting. And, he should dabble. He should dabble a LOT! G.O has a very natural presence on camera ~ even while going maniacal on his project team! And the camera just loves him.

I honestly believe that G.O will excel in any aspect of entertainment he chooses because he has something very important and necessary: authenticity. His honesty allows him to approach a song, a role, or anything he chooses that ultimately will achieve a successful conclusion. Why? Because he operates from the foundation of who he is: a genuinely gifted and hard-working artist. An artist who has yet to truly realize the scope and magnitude of his talent.

I cannot begin to express how much I appreciate G.O, his honesty, artistry, and most definitely, his humor.



  1. Nan says:

    I also believe that G.O. has just barely begun to scratch the surface of his abilities. Whatever he chooses, I hope he knows he has many wonderful fans that will support him every step of the way.

    • Michele says:

      Hi Nan…yes, I very much agree. He just needs the right projects and an agency that is capable of nurturing and promoting that talent.

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