The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 9

Sometimes I wonder if native English-speaking A+ realize how fortunate they are to have a main vocal whose love of music transcends and elevates him above and beyond language barriers. While it is true I love hearing G.O sing in his native Korean language, I deeply appreciate the way his voice fills every corner of my soul when he sings in English.


I have already written extensively about G.O’s English covers songs here on my blog. But as I write this post for the 9th day of his enlistment, it is his excerpted cover of The Carpenters’ Superstar that is tugging ever so gently on my heart right now.

And your guitar, and you sound so sweet and clear,
But you’re not really here, it’s just the radio.

Sigh. Replace ‘guitar’ with ‘voice’ and I think you will understand why this one is resonating so deeply with me now.

Perhaps if I scavenge the internet, I can find video, or even audio of him performing this beautiful song in its entirety.  If you have the 411 on this, please share! Until then, I will settle for that two minute clip up there from a June 2013 appearance on the Korean variety program The Beatles Code 2 and absorb every gorgeous note.


[Video cr. ddam memengo]


  1. Jennifer Stuart says:

    I’m glad someone else seems to care. I’m grieving for MBLAQ. Did G.O really say he might not promote as a singer when he leaves the military!?!

    • Michele says:

      Hi Jennifer…he mentioned in a chat session with fans on the eve of his enlistment that he may not return as an active singer two years from now. I only hope that was emotion speaking. But…whatever the future holds for him (and MBLAQ), the only important thing is that he and they are happy.~♡

  2. Nan says:

    Just what I needed this morning to help me face going to work again. *hugs* Thanks Michele… missing our dear G.O. today too.

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