The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 1

I should have been prepared. I knew it was inevitable. But much like the majority of his legion of fans, news of G.O’s military enlistment came as a complete blindside. At 2PM, Korean Standard Time, on Thursday, February 18, 2016, our gentle soulful soldier man officially arrived to the training camp in Nonsan, Chungnam Province to begin his four week basic training.

And so it begins.

Have you ever found yourself in a tailspin? You know, that moment when every emotion converges upon you at once and you don’t know what to do, where to turn, or even what to say? That is how I felt all day long on February 17th. At around 8AM that morning (my time) and 11PM (Seoul time) G.O opened a chat room on MBLAQ’s Daum Cafe for 100 fans and although I was unable to get into the room to say my final good-byes and wish him well, it was probably for the best. G.O kept the room open for only 25 minutes or so, and was there to simply leave his loving fans (in his usual gracious and gentle manner) a few thoughts prior to his departure to the military:

Thank you
And I’m sorry
I wanted to meet you more often but unfortunately I couldn’t..
During those 2 years, I’ll carefully consider what I’ll do in the future
I may not want to be active as a singer 2 years later
If I decide to do so, I’ll make sure to meet you guys more often than when I was active as a singer
I wanted to go after a fan meeting, too bad
It’s been too hard on you, right?
Don’t come tomorrow
I’ll go quietly, you won’t see me
It’ll be the best if you let me go quietly
It’s dangerous outside of your blanket
So stay under the blanket tomorrow
You won’t be able to see me even if you come
Take care of your health, everyone
It makes me upset thinking of you guys who must have gone through a lot, even more than other singers’ fans
People who can keep loving someone for a long time are amazing people who can keep receiving love from someone for a long time. You guys are that kind of people. I wish only good things happen to you in the future!
Our A+, you’ve had very hard times..I’m really sorry also thankful. And I love you
You really went through a lot of trouble
Study hard, work hard, stay healthy and well~ See you in the near future! Bye bye
I’m forever thankful

[Translation credit: @LUVISBLAQ and @raya19877]


I am going to try to do a few things while G.O is dutifully soldiering. For one, I am going to give myself the challenge of completing the 116 Reasons series prior to his discharge on February 17, 2018. I am sure I will accomplish this because I have about a million plus reasons. I just have to be a bit more diligent about extracting them from my heart and posting them here.

Next, I am going to do my level best to post something about him daily to commemorate each day completed of his service (starting with today of course). Maybe just a picture. Or a video. Just something solely about HIM. Hopefully it will help me miss him less – and give me reason to love on him more (not that I need a reason to do that, right?). Imagine how exciting it will be though when we are at Day 725….which will be 5 days from discharge!!!!

Finally, and this is HUGE but when it comes to G.O I am of the opinion that you go big or you go home!! It probably will come as no surprise whatsoever that I have every intention of being in South Korea on Saturday, February 17, 2018 to welcome this dear sweet music man back to civilian life. I live for that moment, indeed! I would like to share the celebration somehow. And the best way I can think of doing that is by offering one dedicated, true-blue, love-him-until-you-die G.O fan the opportunity to be at his discharge also.

Uh…..excuse me noona, what did you just say?! [Oh my, he is so cute, isn’t he??]

What does that translate to exactly you might ask? Well, it means that I will help someone board a plane to Seoul (as in pay for the airfare) to be in attendance at his discharge on February 17, 2018. I have 729 days to save up so I am thinking this is highly do-able! For him, however, any and everything is achievable. There will definitely be some stringent criteria to meet in order to qualify (the first of which is this person will have to be 100% G.O-biased and a dedicated MBLAQ fan – I mean, it only makes sense). I will have some hardcore fangirl background checking to do…hehehehe!

I am still working on all the details which I will continue to clarify and add to these countdown posts.

I know G.O just entered the Army yesterday and all, but I personally need to fulfill a promise I made not only to myself, but to him that I will tirelessly support, honor and love him every day, in every way, whether he is on a stage performing or serving his country.



  1. kfangurl says:

    Woah. That is one insanely generous offer, Michele! You are a giving soul indeed. <3

    I can only imagine how intense and complicated your emotions must be at this time, as you adjust to his enlistment. Sending big long hugs, my dear.

    • Michele says:

      Well, I am going to be highly selective and the criteria will be…as I said, stringent. Most fans these days are multi-fandom and, well…..that’s not going to fly with me in this particular instance. Maybe fangirls like me don’t exist in reality – the ones who have only one true bias and who support one group 100%. I have nothing against those who are multi-fandom but in this instance, I want a diehard G.O MBLAQ fan to have the opportunity. My previous events have taught me that people will say anything to get something for free!!!^^ So I have to be super careful…and super strict!!! I figure, it is my dime so it is ok to have rules.
      I really just want to do something to feel better and of course, I want him to be welcomed home with lots and lots of love and support.~♥

      • kfangurl says:

        Oh yes, I do agree you should be super careful.. especially in this case, when you’re doing such a huge giveaway!! And I can totally see how this would help you feel better, since it gives you something to focus on, and also helps you work towards the end of his MS! 🙂 The bonus is, you’d probably make a great new friend through this giveaway – someone who totally gets the G.O love ^^

  2. Nan says:

    It is awesome that you’ve managed to turn this situation on it’s ear Michele and take what would seem to be a negative and make it only positive.
    I look forward to reading your posts about G.O.
    I hope I get to see you & your new “G.O. buddy” step on that plane to be there when he is discharged. He definitely needs to know… HE IS LOVED.

    • Michele says:

      Thanks Nan. Yes, while it is true I have been reeling a bit over his enlistment, I knew it was inevitable – it just happened so fast, without a whole lot of warning and right after I saw him. So the emotions were a little high, to say the least. As he settles into his service and these days go on, I know I will feel less sad and indeed more hopeful. I look forward to welcoming him back and am equally excited about giving one of his loving fans the opportunity to be there also. He is very loved…something I think he is even taken aback by now and again! But he is such a dear sweet man, it is easy to love him….very easy indeed!

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