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Ok, I admit that was a bit of a long hiatus from my TVXQ Tuesdays. I also admit to being derailed by MBLAQ’s comeback and G.O being cast in not one, but two musicals. And, well, going to Seoul and seeing G.O. I’ve been a little preoccupied, to say the least. But, I am returning now with a lovely ballad from TVXQ’s third Korean studio album, O-Jung.Ban.Hap.

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You Only Love is a quintessential TVXQ ballad. It is a break up song filled with longing and sadness and as in true fashion, the men of TVXQ bring emotion and richness to the song making it heartfelt, sweet and touching. In this particular live version, their adoring fans sing along with them, beat for beat, word for word. I often wonder how artists feel when the crowd is singing along. Is it distracting or do they absolutely love the love the fans are showing by singing along.

If there is one thing for sure, these men are superb live. Their harmonies are forever tight and each shine individually during their given parts, especially that ridiculously talented and adorable Junsu. I may be on the G.O train right now, but I will never pass an opportunity to admire and praise Junsu. And I think it is well-established that I absolutely love it when he opens a song as he does so here setting the tone and beginning the journey.

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The intricate five piece vocal puzzle is what truly made this group as spectacular as it was. Each of the guys are a piece of the puzzle having his moment to shine here in a solo capacity but never without the four others weaving their harmonies around the one voice, anchoring the melody, and adding depth and richness. TVXQ as a five member group are proof positive that a whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts. I know I have said it over and over but it is true. The two separate groups are good. Combined, however, they were great.

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You Only Love opens with the five of them seated and silhouetted which adds to the quiet vibe of this gentle love song. About mid-way the lights go up and much to the delight of the fans, we finally see them. Bringing them out of the shadow is nice because it allows for a connect no matter how far back one’s seat may be from the stage and I was happy that they did not remain in the shadow for the entire song. I always am want to see Junsu bring his emotion to the forefront and let it explode all over us. And he does gives a little at about the 2:35 mark. The man simply cannot contain it!

Everyone sounds rich and lush in this version. Jae and Yunho are powerful, Changmin plaintive, Yoochun steady and Junsu filled with longing. Oh these guys are just so good.

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Breaking up doesn’t sound so bad actually when TVXQ is singing about it. Perhaps it is the beauty and gentle quality in their voices that buffer the pain. And, there always seems to be a hint or promise that in the end, everything will be all right.

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  1. Janey says:

    “Breaking up doesn’t sound so bad actually when TVXQ is singing about it.”

    Truer words haven’t been spoken! Breaking up is just messy and depressing in real life but they make it seem beautiful. /sobs It’s one of the best songs in the album. :((

    I was marathoning old DBSK vids on Youtube earlier so this post is just perfect! Another great post, Michele! 🙂

    P.S. Congrats on meeting and seeing G.O perform live!*^^*

    • Michele says:

      Janey, hello sweetheart! Thank you so much. I have actually missed writing about these lovely men so going back and perusing through songs was really nice. I read the lyrics to this one and thought my goodness, it’s a break up song and yet they sing it with hope of reconciliation. If anyone is going to win a heart back, it will be these guys (oh, and G.O would be able to do that, too..hehehehe)!

      The vocal synergy of these 5 really is unmatched. When they all sing together it is like a heavenly choir, isn’t it? And of course my top angel in this mix is Junsu. And where is that man anyway??? Since wrapping up his last musical I have not seen or heard much on him. He didn’t go to the military without me knowing, did he???

      If only he was on the stage during my last visit to Seoul, my trip would have probably made me combust into a million pieces of fangirl confetti!! G.O is amazing, handsome off the charts, and truly a gracious man. It was a thrill to see him and kind of indirectly meet him!^^

      I hope you are doing well – a DBSK marathon is always a treat!!! Always.

      • Janey says:

        I am doing well. ^^ I’m not sure what prompted to watch old DBSK videos and just as I was ranting on Twitter the link to your blog popped up. 🙂

        I forgot to say, I totally agree with you that the two separate groups are great. But nothing can compare to the magic of their five voices together. And yes, where is Junsu?! I hope that the next time you go to Korea, Junsu and G.O are both having a musical. I have no idea how you’ll manage (can you survive such awesomeness?!?!?) but that’ll be fun! (Also, I hope he won’t pull a Yoon ShiYoon on us and enter the army without a goodbye. That will crush us!!!)

        I’m just really happy for you~ I can only wish to have a fan encounter with my favorite artists. 🙂

      • Michele says:

        Janey…the moment I asked about Junsu, he tweeted a selca!!! I wonder if you’ve seen it. I thought it was Jae at first! He is blonde and his hair is long. Almost did not even recognize him!! He mentioned in the tweet something about seeing Japan soon.

        I am guessing he will enter the military soon, right? And I do not think I would survive a double musical onslaught from Jun and G.O – actually, I am pretty should I wouldn’t!!

        It will be a sad day when the both of them head off to the military. G.O is getting to that age as well.- in fact, he is a year younger than Junsu. Yes……military time is approaching! Waahhhhh!!

        Junsu seems pretty private so it would not surprise me if he entered quietly without warning but it would be nice if he allowed the fans a proper send off! Same with G.O.

        Oh these men………driving us crazy!

  2. evez says:

    Michele as we always said these boys are sooooooooooooooo gooooooood!…and for me the unification of their voices are simply the best…i am always in love with Jaejoong and Junsu’s voice….. and when their voices blend in with Changmin, Yunho and Yoochun?…wow!…it’s fantastic…thank you for bringing in that song here again… 😉

    • Michele says:

      Evez….SO TRUE! They are awesomeness wrapped in fabulous! Jaejoong has that velvety voice, doesn’t he? There is such a richness to it and it is a lovely counter to Junsu’s. Then again, Junsu’s voice is a lovely instrument all unto itself. He sings so effortlessly.

      Yes, I have missed my TVXQ Tuesdays!! I will try to stay diligent! I admit to getting sidetracked by that other young soul machine over there in MBLAQ-land!

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