K-Shot Postscript: Kim Junsu – The Musical December – Unfinished Song

December Special Albu

Kim Junsu’s musical, The Musical December: Unfinished Song, is currently running in Seoul (and soon to play to audiences in Busan and Daegu). It serves up some gorgeous melodies from the ever-versatile and inexplicably talented vocal force that is Kim Junsu. I really cannot say enough about this young man’s talent.

I have not seen the musical but picked up a special album of 6 songs from the show. The songs are not performance cuts nor is the album an OST, but rather Junsu singing a selection of songs his character, JiWook, sings in the musical.


December is Junsu’s 4th musical. Inasmuch as I adored him as part of TVXQ, admire him as 1/3 of JYJ and absolutely love him as a solo artist, he takes to the musical stage like a fish to water. I have not had the pleasure of seeing him perform live, however, in the clips I have seen from MozartTears from HeavenElisabeth and now December, convince me that there is no stage that would not welcome him….in any genre.

The voice. THE VOICE!!! So clear, so controlled, so beautiful and so natural, Junsu can tell a story with his voice while taking you through the gamut of emotions his characters feel and he does it beautifully through song. Here is a performance of that same song (A Love That is Too Painful is Not Love) above in the context of the musical.

Junsu has such a big voice, a voice that lends itself quite well to the theatrical stage. Makes me want to jump on the first plane to Seoul to go see him perform.

December is a love story told over the span of 20 years, beginning in 1992 Seoul. Junsu’s JiWook is a homestay student who falls in love with another homestay student as they are both living abroad studying. Oh my…Junsu in a romance, singing???

It was switch for him to play JiWook in that his previous theatrical characters were less mainstream and more on the fringe of society.


In an interview with eNews during rehearsals back in November he stated:

“In previous musicals, I took on the roles of rather abstract characters doing unrealistic things, like living in an Austrian palace. But this time, I will act out a character that I can relate to. It took me a while to adjust to the change, but now I think I will be able to bring the character to life more realistically than before. I have set high expectations for myself and am looking forward to this musical.” [Source: eNews]


Here is another beautiful cut (Letter of a Private) from the special album – so jazzy and sweet.


The special album also featured some gorgeous photography of the handsome young star.



The Musical December – Unfinished Song plays through January 29 at the Grand Theater, Sejong Center for The Performing Arts in Seoul then moves to Busan at the Sohyang Art Center, Centum-City, February 7 through February 16; and finally to Daegu at the Daegu Opera House, February 21 through March 2.

[Image credit as tagged; CJeS/Video credit: 2012JHJ]


  1. cherkell says:

    I also got my hands on a copy of the mini-album. Nice take on Kim Kwang-seok’s “Letters From A Private.” That song seems to be getting around these days (like in “The Days”). Yay for Junsu! ^~^

    • Michele says:

      I think he has such a lovely voice. I really hope to get a chance to see him perform live at some point be it a musical or concert. He is so talented ….. and adorable!

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