TVXQ Tuesday – Picture Of You


Ethereal. Angelic. Sublime.  This MV has all of that AND the gorgeous vocals.  If you haven’t fallen in love with these five young men yet, this could be the tipping point!  Likewise, if you have, but haven’t chosen which one of them could possibly be your own particular bias, you may be hard-pressed to pick one from this MV.  All five of them are softly styled in muted white tones against the lush greenery and oceanic views of the Saipan, Japan.  All five looking so handsome. I read that my TVXQ bias, Junsu, wrote the lyrics for this song. And Junsu’s voice…..oh my. So lovely, Junsu….just like you!

<Sigh>  To have all five back together again……

[Image credit: credit: FahrenheitJonas]


  1. evez says:

    …awwww!….you’re right Michelle all of our five boys here are looking so handsome…and i know that Junsu’s voice is always that great plus the fact he’s the one wrote the lyrics…multi-talented Junsu…i just can’t keep my eyes off on Max being the maknae of the group…. oh boy!…he looks so manly here…y’know i always consider U-Know as having the mannish look among the group but in this video the maknae looks so great and looking sexay!!!…rawr!…i just can’t get enough!…<3<3<3

    • Michele says:

      Yes, Evez, I will say that tall maknae was looking all kinds of handsome in this video with is aviator shades, dangling that long leg into the water, all masculine and sexy!! All of these guys have their moments where they wreak havoc on one’s better senses!!! But, I find I ALWAYS go back to that soul machine (still love the nickname you gave him), Junsu. To me, Jun is absolutely gorgeous and yet so different in his looks than the rest of the group. He is not as soft as Jae and not as masculine, as Yunho but he falls so nicely in between that range. Changmin’s height just gives him a commanding air even though he is the baby of the bunch and Yoochun is just classically handsome, almost in an all American kind of way, if that makes sense.

      They are all SO gorgeous in their own right and I love that all of them are individually successful – although you know how I feel about them reuniting – at least once….please!!?!?! I loved the vibe of this video and the lush scenery just adds to their individual and collective handsomeness.

      Good stuff, indeed!! Making the noonas go wild! <3

      • evez says:

        YAY!…noonas or probably even the ahjummas?…hahahaha..what do you think?…their fans are mostly ahgassis but hey…this five gorgeous men can captivate any age level…LOL!..and i understand that you’re leaning towards our soul machine…that’s why you love Junsu the most!…because he falls between the manly and cuteness…not greater nor lesser…just right in between makes him special…<3

        about the possibility of having them back?…well, you know that has been my greatest see them perform as one group again…..this group is just so great to just give up like that….*sssiiiighhh*..stalk SME for that!…LOL 😉

      • Michele says:

        Oh Evez…I went back and watched the video a few more times and am even more enamored. I watched Mirotic and some of Junsu’s theatrical performance videos. Junsu!! I have officially removed my nice noona cap and put on the all purpose naughty noona hat. Junsu better run for cover!!!

        I cannot explain this Junsu fetish….I just think he is a bundle of talent, sweet and hot all rolled into one. Just like Rain. Maybe that is why I am SO mesmerized by him.

        Did I read that he and Jaejoong are going to head to the military together? This must be coming up soon, or at some point. Jae is 27 and Jun will turn 27 in December. I am thinking they are going soon. 🙁

        I discovered Rain while he was in the military (and THANK GOD he is out) and YSH is in for another year. If Jun goes….I will be a pining noona…LOLOLOLOL!!

        Evez, I think I need a K-intervention. -.-

  2. evez says:

    hahahaha!…i vividly see Junsu frantically running for cover and you running after him…*giggle*…you know this fangirling thing in the world of k-ent is quite extreme!…i’m that too!…i always dream hard about my biases…it’s always great and it’s for free!…you can have that anytime….LOL!..

    ..yeah i read about an article and it’s not only JJ and Jun, the three member of JYJ has receive already a summon for them to serve military…too bad for us…>.< ;(

    ..y'know that is the depressing part in a fangirl, knowing your k-hot will be gone for 2 years…well, well,we could not do anything about it, Korean is very straight in imposing that policy…..the thing is we can always have another bias to replace the missing one…hahaha…<3 😉

    • Michele says:

      Yes, there are plenty of lovely K-men to keep our minds and hearts occupied and thankfully Rain has completed his MS and has been out and about quite abit!!! He keeps me VERY busy! Hopefully there will be a way to send Junsu some mail or messages while he is serving. I am not past sending him a letter or two. I think if YSH does a fan meet after his MS, I will want to go to that!!! Oh that young smoldering man boy has me all kinds of worked up after writing him up on my blog and then watching Warrior Baek Dong Soo. Goodness. So many hot ones, so little time!!! How to balance all of this hot? Tell me, how do you do it???? 🙂

  3. evez says:

    ,,,oh geezzzhh!…balancing your passion towards k-hottie can be sometimes foolish…you know the push and pull thing?…a fangirl has an RL situation that also needs to be taken for…in a day sometimes almost half of you 24-hr. time is preoccupied with these k-ent things…”you need to remind yourself…hey..push that aside first and need to finish this one”…but the more you push them away the harder it pulls back to you…hahahaha!…aigoo!…so me?…i’ll take the situation as it is and take it lightly as i could…i don’t wrestle with the situation instead i manage with the time…but for you it’s a different thing…being a blogger consumes a lot of time…i guess you need to choose and break up with some of your k-hottie?….would that be possible?…..hahahaha!… 😉

    and with YSH…it’s good that he entered MS at his young age..’coz when he finally discharged he still young and fresh then…for sure his agency has a list of projects for him…. 🙂

    • Michele says:

      I don’t think I could break up with any of my current K-Hotties!! I guess the key is to try and keep them at a minimum, but there will always be a new one to come along and tilt things off kilter a bit. Ji Chang Wook has managed to do that to me. I was perfectly happy skipping along admiring and loving on Rain, Junsu and YSH. Now JCW has managed to eek his way into the club. All good. My K-heart still has some open space (albeit a little because Mr. Rain has bought up pretty much ALL the real estate there)!!

      I read a tweet today by Jaejoong about his upcoming concerts in Yokohama Japan having a S&M dress code and nearly fell over. JAE!!! I love him for that. See what I mean….you think you are safe and then they go and pull something provocative enough to turn your head. Taeyang is another one who made me do a double take. I had absolutely no real connect to him and am not a huge BB fan at all. But then I saw that dance video posted for Ringa Linga and was WOW-ed. Taeyang has an interesting look and I found his dancing to be very provocative and, well…hot. It never ends.

      I hope all is well with you and you are safe. I hear the PH is getting hit big time with some violent weather. In fact, the other night I had to call support for my brother’s internet carrier and the call center was in the PH. We seriously could hear the wind in the background of the call. I asked the tech if there was a typhoon going on and he said yes. So please, please, please be safe. Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

      • evez says:

        <3 🙂 first of all thank you very much for your concern and prayers….*hugs*..though Manila is not that affected i feel remorse over our fellow Filipinos over the Visayas region, specifically Samar area…that place is already under the state of calamity…and though we have a little something to give still prayers are the best medium to get by and holding onto faith…again, many thanks for your deepest thoughts and prayers for us…<3<3<3

        …YAY that you like Taeyang…hahaha..he's good!…in BB there's 3 members i fancied; T.O.P./Taeyang and Seungri…and it's from YG eh?..y'know most of my kpop biases are from SME's but i also like groups and kpop idol from various agency…oh my! too many of them to occupy your heart….plus those k-hunks from drama verse….tell me how can we breathe smoothly?…you see?…how can you maintain those k-hottie in minimum if every now then there's a new one that will surely tilt your world?…LOL!

        ..honestly i have to google about Ji Chang Wook, i don't know much about him yet…but i've seen him in "SA" as Dong Hae..he's quite a good actor in prime years, handsome and hawt!…weww!…ahahaha!…the noona in you never fails to accommodate a young and adorbs k-hottie…so learn to exercise on your vocal chord everyday for great squeeing!!! LOL!..oh, he has a latest saguek drama from MBC with Ha Ji Won…"Empress Ki"…this drama is quite long though…it has 60 episodes…

        ..with our prince jj..gosh!…you know those five boys run into our system Michelle!… 😉 so whatever is new about them comes up we give our 100% support….as always!…<3<3<3…i just wish i could fly over in Yokohama to witness that event…. 🙂

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