TVXQ Tuesday – Purple Line


Sexy.Hot.Sexy.Hot.Sexy.Hot.  That is the best way to describe this performance of Purple Line.  I wanted to get up and dance but I could not peel my eyes away from the hotness unfolding on my screen.  Inasmuch as I think Yoochun looks fabulous with short hair….this long hair in the ponytail look was making me scream!!!  I think this is the most fluid I have seen Changmin move while dancing – just discovered here that not only does he have hips, he can move them!  And there is so much movement going on this number and STILL they are able to sing effortlessly.  These five guys never fail to impress me.

I love the funky dance feel to this one and I love the way they all dance here – they really seem to be feeling the beat, the rhythm and the energy of the crowd.  And don’t they all look so freaking spectacular in silver and white???  All five so handsome.  I have noticed that with each of my Tuesday posts one of them tends to jump out at me (if they can manage to take my attention off of Junsu….and he is so fine in this one) and surprisingly, Yunho was able to divert me a little here. He is looking pretty hot and I like the way he moves -they all actually rock the dancing pretty well in this one, Changmin surprising me the most.

From the up through the floor entrance to the final pose, this one is just plain HOT.

[Image credit: credit: DBSKwithlove]


  1. evez says:

    😉 ..great!great!great!…you see our five gorgeous boys never fail to excite us…i’ll remember the kpop lingo created for Micky Yuchun for this song…”chunlish”(Yuchun and English)…the word was coined ‘coz there is one particular line in this song where in Yuchun garbled the use of English…..but what the HECK!..who’s gonna complain if they performance level is at this good!…they are Korean after all!…<3

    • Michele says:

      Evez,, know all the inside scoop!! I was just taken by the silver and white and how hot they all look….! Total shallow fangirl moment if there ever was one! I embrace my moments of pure unadulterated shallow with complete gusto!! That said, I will say I do like the long hair look on Yoochun. And, I thought out of all of them, he was the one fluent in English??!

      Of course no one rocks the rotation between long and short hair quite like Rain. That man can do whatever he wants and manage to look so completely sexy hot and handsome any which way!! And again, YES, I am completely biased. Rain is my dream man, what can I say? <3

  2. evez says:

    😉 …and i heard you LOUD and CLEAR!…have no question with regards to RAIN…i know… and i have a big respect to that man being the true icon of the kpop world…<3…and you're right that Yuchun is so sexy with that pony tail hair…who would not want a man like that with a deep voice…weww!..being shallow is always one of the fangirl's character…proud to say i'm one of those!…LOL! see we sometimes exaggerate things over our Korean Hunks!…and it feels good!..:)

    • Michele says:

      Nothing wrong with fangirl exaggeration….nothing at all!!!!! I notice in JYJ’s last CD, whenever there were any speaking parts of the songs, like intro stuff or ending….it was Yuchun who was given the honor….he does have a nice deep voice. That is one of the things that really pushes me over the edge with Rain. That deep, smooth voice. I could listen to that man talk all day long.

  3. evez says:

    ..yes, it was him always..Yuchun has the well modulated voice among our boys..that deep voice as well as Rain’s is so enticing to hear doing the talking part especially if the song has an rnb rendition….soooooo nice and sexay!….<3<3<3

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