Seoul – The Second Chapter


As I get ready to say good-bye to Insadong, I am beginning to mentally and emotionally prepare for the second chapter of my Seoul-ful adventure.

I think I will miss my evening blog sessions at the neighborhood Starbucks but I am certain I will settle in nicely once in Yongsan-gu!!  The excitement is unfolding.


I don’t know what the next couple of days will hold, but the momentum leading up to this week has been building since October 2011.  It’s go time for the countless Rain fans across the globe who have been waiting for the day Rain completes his military service and is a civilian once more.  I am going to be witnessing a slice of HIS personal history.  It is really starting to hit me how outrageously fantastic that day, that hour, those moments, will be.


I am ready.  We are ready.  The world is ready.  Game on, Ji Hoon!


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