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On My Playlist ~ Turn Back Time [WayV]

We all navigate mid-life crises in a myriad of ways. Some might call my late arrival to the fangirl world of Korean entertainment a crisis of sorts because it gave me full license to return to that 15-year old fangirl who was bursting with enthusiasm and excitement over my favorite group’s next move. I am not going to argue, that’s 100% accurate. Then again, my mid-life has seen me do some truly crazy things. The kind of stuff that would probably make any one of my fangirl adventures pale in comparison. Take for example, the time I decided to take surfing lessons just because I lived a block from the beach. I am not a strong swimmer, but I dared to take on Pacific Ocean waves. It almost cost me my life but after the fact, I chalked it as being a character-building war story, you know, something that would help me take on any kind of wave life would splash in my face. I was wrong and own up to the fact that I was completely unprepared for an unlikely and new kind of wave: WayV.

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