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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 244

I carry around a notebook (everywhere I go) that has now become quite tattered wherein I have been keeping track of each and every Countdown post ~ yeah, I am pretty old school. When I began this series, I wrote down each day of G.O’s service and have been gradually filling in each line (day) with an idea or thought for a post for that specific day. A long while ago, I made Day 244 a Fan-Camming day and next to it simply wrote: Omiya. I have many fond memories of that lovely day in June. It was also a day filled with an avalanche of feels. When the newly minted trio performed 말하지 말걸 [Don’t Speak], hearing G.O sing it live once again reminded me that the song and his performance of it will forever remain in a class of its own when it comes to feels. Seriously.

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Subtle, Sweet & Sonic – MBLAQ Takes The Stage As A Trio

 150606 MBLAQ Omiya Sonic City MBLAQ Group shot (2nd Show)

I think this is becoming commonplace for me….I see my bias and something happens. My world gets gently rocked. My mind goes into a flux. I grasp to find balance and try to remain coherent. The thought of putting together a couple of sentences to verbalize (and of course memorialize) the experience escapes me for at least a good month, sometimes longer. Such is the case here, again.

This could be problematic. The further from the experience I get, the possibility of remembering becomes an issue, especially at my age. However, when it comes to the gentle G.O, the one who has unceremoniously laid claim to my heart, those experiences I have involving him tend to leave their mark. Those moments are pretty much imprinted and branded into the memory of that heart, and I am forever scarred. You see, heart memory is strong and true. Like any muscle, it remembers. Therefore, I have faith I will be able to share with you at lease some of those moments I had in his presence this past June when I attended the shows at Omiya Sonic City in Japan.

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A Deeper Look Into The Mirror – The New MBLAQ


On June 9, 2015, MBLAQ released their 8th mini album, Mirror. Melodic, sophisticated, jazzy and mature, it is a clear departure from their earlier works but it is with good reason: they are different.

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MBLAQ Musings: The ComeBLAQ – Be A Man

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 11.42.42 PM

It has finally arrived! MBLAQ’s sixth mini album, Broken, has been released and with it the MV for single, Be a Man. I am still trying to regain my composure because this MV is hot. Sizzling hot.

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