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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 279

There was much sadness surrounding the recording and subsequent release of MBLAQ’s 7th mini album, Winter. This is undeniably true. That sadness however does not overshadow the absolute beauty of the four original tracks on the album and, in particular, the poignancy in the quiet and tender ballads contained therein. I love this album. Even when it breaks me with every listen. Even when I cannot hold back my tears. It is exquisite for it contains my favorite G.O-written and composed song 봄여 름 가을 그리고 . . . [Spring Summer Autumn And . . .]. For Day 279 however, I want to focus attention on another song from Winter, the Cheondung-penned 괜찮을 거란 그 말 [Words That Make It Okay]. I am on a Vocal Virtuosity tirade as of late because frankly, G.O needs more and continued recognition for his talent and artistry as a vocalist. Inasmuch as G.O’s voice is at its premier emotional best on all of the Winter tracks, his verse work, improvs and ad libs in 괜찮을 거란 그 말 are particularly noteworthy.

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When Your Bias Makes You Rethink Winter


There are many reasons for a native Chicagoan to dislike (and often detest and incessantly complain about) the most brutal of all seasons, winter. Winter often denotes the transition of everything in nature that was once warm, light, lush, in bloom and alive into something that is cold, brittle, barren and dying. Winter is a time of hibernation, and also a time to leave.

When I  discovered that the new MBLAQ mini album being released on November 25th was to be entitled Winter and was to be an album of ballads, my heart felt heavy and somewhat sad. At the same time, however, hearing that this album would feature self-composed songs by the men, and G.O would be producing, I immediately became impatient to hear it. Now, after having it on repeat and listening to it non-stop, I have only one complaint: there are simply not enough songs.

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