Playlist Roulette ~ Bandi & Luni’s [Ravi, Cold Bay, Xydo]

If you like Korean R&B as much as I do then it stands to reason you should (and maybe you already do) have Ravi and his gang over at Groovl1n on your radar. I know I am preaching to the Vixx choir, but for a newb like me who stumbled upon Ravi’s Groovl1n label by READ MORE

Playlist Roulette ~ Retro Future [Triple H]

Here’s a K-pop quiz for you: Name a collaboration or subunit, past or present, that has the level of sexy, sparky,  and steamy chemistry as Triple H’s Hyuna, Hui and Dawn (formerly e’Dawn). I could not decide on just one adjective so I had to use them all. This week, the Strictly Korean playlist shuffled out READ MORE