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Waiting For Donghun ~ Celebrating Under 300 Days! (Day 340)

Another milestone!! Yes, Donghun officially has under 300 days remaining in is his military service! Hoorah! These baby steps are adding up, aren’t they? For today, a Donghun Selca Magic moment. I feel like a selca from the Take Me Higher era and was a little inspired by a line from the song that read, ‘. . .the prettiest flower is always so far away.’ Yes, our pretty flower Donghun may seem far away, but discharge day is indeed getting closer. I love the Take Me Higher era even though maknae Chan (my confirmed bias wrecker who has, in all honesty, made the wreck complete ~ 🤷🏻‍♀️) did not participate in this comeback due to his promotions as a member of the temporary boy group, UNB. The Wonderland album was a reissue that included three single albums the group had previously released and Take Me Higher was the vibrant, colorful and energetic title track. During this era, Donghun was sporting short spiky hair that was for a time it was a brilliant neon orange color. For the selca today though, a little toned down version.

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