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On My Playlist ~ Changer [A.C.E]

As I sit and contemplate the reality of 2/5 of A.C.E heading off to the military this month (Wow went in on the 10th, and Donghun will go on the 23rd), I also find myself perplexed over how this talented lot is not more of a global sensation. Then I pause and realize that I must be part of an extremely exclusive club of impeccable taste and sensibility. Ha! I know there are many of you out there who feel similarly about your respective groups that fall on the lesser known and under appreciated spectrum. And it is perfectly okay. In fact, I don’t know about you, but I rather love being part of a small fandom. I feel as if I am in on a secret. And being a Choice, well that just feels like family. Especially when the guys repeatedly include songs that uplift and comfort. A.C.E has found this incredible balance in their title tracks over years: sometimes explosive, sometimes refreshing and light. In the title track, Changer, from their latest repackaged release, Changer : Dear Eris, we get refreshing, light AND comforting which is EXACTLY what we need as we send Wow and Donghun off to the military.

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