Waiting For Donghun ~ Happy DH New Year 2023! (Day 466)

Wow…when we began this journey it was the year 2021 and here we are embarking upon yet another new year – but this time we are so much closer to Donghun’s discharge so the celebration feels all that much more festive! We are nearing the home stretch of our ethereal main vocal’s service as discharge is less than six months away, and time is moving rapidly (although for some of you I am sure it drags as you wait for DH to return).

Well my lovelies, at least we can say that with this new year, DH is really coming back! And listen, we will also get Wow, Junhee and Byeongkwan back in 2023 as well, so we will literally have 4/5 of A.C.E back this year! 2023 is feeling quite promising, right?! Our baby sunshine Chan will be set free in February 2024. Anyway, I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s just focus on this very moment and the start of a new year!

I wish Donghun, his dear A.C.E brothers (omg, I cannot explain how much I miss them) and all of you a most healthy, happy and prosperous 2023.

✨Happy New Year!!!✨


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