Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 43

I don’t know if I ever mentioned this (probably have) or if it is general common knowledge, but our main vocal Lee Donghun is the eldest member in A.C.E. Usually the eldest member of the group is the leader but in this case, that job fell to Junhee even though he is younger than both Donghun and Wow. Since Donghun is the eldest he sometimes exercises that hyung privilege. But for some reason, he always lets the maknae get away with things. Such is the case with playful Chan as he finds his way into everyone’s heart and, for today’s DH One Shot (GIF edition), into Donghun’s personal space.

I also do not think I ever mentioned that the maknae Chan is my A.C.E bias wrecker so he will invariably show up throughout this countdown. I suppose both Donghun and I have a soft spot for this mischief maker.

Okay, sure . . . there may have been a little cringe going on, but Donghun could not escape the Yuchan charm. Even when he is in full on grimace, Donghun is still too adorable. And the maknae, well, I get the feeling he lives for these moments. Love them!


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