[News] Winner’s Kim Jinwoo Begins Military Service

It is never easy to say good-bye to our favorite Korean entertainers when they leave to complete mandatory military service, even when we know it is temporary. Winner’s Jinu left for training camp on 2 April and for some reason, it was a lot more emotional than I expected.

Maybe this emotion is a result of coronavirus lockdown coupled with the fact that Winner is releasing a full album entitled Remember in a matter of days. A full album. I am sorry, but full albums are somewhat rare in K-pop so any time a group or artist that I like releases a FULL ALBUM, I feel like it is my birthday and Christmas wrapped into one! In addition to new music, this new album will include reworked versions of 4 songs from Winner’s debut album 2014 S/S [EmptyDon’t FlirtColor Ring, and Different]. Oh, the nostalgia. It’s almost too much. So, maybe all of this was simply the perfect storm of events that made Jinu heading to training camp all that much more emotional.

When I read Jinu would serve his military duty in public service, my first thought was, “OH, that means he very likely would go to Nonsan for training camp!” Why is that a big deal? Well, for international fans who are unable to send Jinu support via email through the KATC site while he is at training camp, they can send him love and support with physical cards and letters. So I wanted to share that address here and encourage fans to shower Jinu with good old fashioned mail! I am old school like that.

But, do it quickly. Jinu’s 2 April enlistment class will have its completion ceremony on 29 April!!

Here’s the address:

충남 논산시 연무음 사서함 76-7 호
육군훈련소 25교육연대 11중대 3소대 143번
우편번호 33012
훈련병 김진우
South Korea




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