[Announcement] Changing Lanes ~ The Fangirl Lane

So for months now I have been asking myself: What’s a fangirl to do when her bias changes lanes? Does she simply merge with that traffic and go with the flow? Or, does she take an exit to something new essentially following suit and . . . change lanes herself?


When I started The Fangirl Adventure Log roughly five or so years ago, it was my intention to explore many genres and artists within the Korean entertainment world. Somewhere along the way, the blog became single-focused with all of my attention and dedication lovingly going to MBLAQ’s main vocal, G.O, his fans and the fans of MBLAQ. And let me be frank, I do not regret a single minute of that time (or money) spent. It was a wonderful experience and I met countless A+ (MBLAQ’s fandom), many of which I still maintain contact with today. And, I even met G.O himself…more than once.

However, once I fell into MBLAQ-land, the blinders went on and I became extremely EXTREME in my belief that being single-biased focus as well as mono-fandom, was the right course for me. Considering that I started my foray into the Korean entertainment world with the mission of discovering a myriad of artists, I had essentially locked myself down and in retrospect, that was very limiting. But, I was happy. I was blogging regularly and it was fun.

When G.O completed his mandatory military service in February 2018, I was stoked and ready to welcome him back. I had built an international fan website for him and was ready for a full comeback. In my mind, that comeback meant music, albums, musicals, even drama and film. And even though I was skeptical when G.O asked his fans to embrace his new broadcast jockey venture on AfreecaTV, I got into that lane. And let me tell you, I was at full throttle.

As the months went on, his broadcast continued to evolve. He was learning. It was new. But by the end of 2018 and into early 2019, things changed. He was not broadcasting as regularly on his AfreecaTV channel but instead had turned his focus to YouTube, creating a couple channel with his girlfriend. I have to be brutally honest, it was not appealing to me. And so, I slowly headed for the exit and started to explore new and different things like photography, painting and, other musicians and artists. Nevertheless, G.O still remains on my radar (always will – all the current content here will stay). I still very much support his music. More importantly, I support his happiness. Who, how or what is the foundation of that happiness is not important. In fact, I am comfortable changing lanes because I know he is finally…and truly, happy. I think he would want me to be happy too.

Blogging makes me happy and I have missed it SO MUCH! I just had to step away from it and reflect. I had to reconcile myself to the fact that I had changed lanes. So, this long exhaustive explanation was simply my way of saying I am returning to the blogosphere. I have renamed the blog: The Fangirl Lane (I thought it was fitting) where I plan to really, TRULY explore the Korean entertainment world like I had initially set out to do way back when. I have been watching and listening to so many things over these past few months and yes, if any of you have been following me on either Twitter or Instagram, you know I have been supporting the Korean group Winner and even had the chance to see them live on their recent North American tour. I promise The Fangirl Lane will NOT become an homage solely to them because as much as I dig them (and I do), there are so many artists, actors, dramas, film and music deserving of attention. However, since Winner has a comeback on the horizon, you can expect to see some love (and fangirling) among these pages.^^

I really hope to explore many different things here and will probably being playing catch up by posting stuff from the past because much of it will actually be new to me.

I hope it will be fun.~😁


  1. kfangurl says:

    Wow! Welcome back! I love the new blog name, it’s perfect! 😀 Really glad you’re embracing the lane change and even getting back into blogging again. Always cheering for you, my dear <3

    • Michele says:

      Awww…thank you my dear KFG!! I feel very very rusty diving back in and it definitely was an all of the sudden decision. I woke up a couple days ago thinking about the idea of changing lanes and how that could be a good jumping off point for reintroducing blogging back in my life because truth told, I have missed it very much. Now I feel like there is so much to write about that it is almost overwhelming, but I am going to take it slow and just enjoy the ride in this…my new lane.
      Thank you ALWAYS for your encouragement!!! xoxoxox

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