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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 583

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I wonder if the wow and entertainment factor was the same watching MBLAQ perform with the iconic Uhm Jung Hwa as it was when Justin Timberlake performed with Madonna. I have to believe it was pretty sensational in that Jung Hwa was considered the Korean Madonna with her eclectic presence and daring style. In any event, MBLAQ’s performance of D.I.S.C.O with Jung Hwa at the KBS Gayo Daechukjae back on 30 December 2011 provides enough frisky focused fan cam of G.O to satisfy me on this Fan-Camming Friday. More than enough!

Because I am clueless about most of these shows, I research what they are (or were) all about. Wikipedia brought me up to speed regarding KBS Gayo De Chukjae:

The program was first broadcast in 1965 by the Tongyang Broadcasting Company (TBC), where it was known as TBC Broadcast Music Awards (Hangul: TBC 방송가요대상). In 1981, the South Korean government merged TBC with Korean Broadcasting System (KBS).

Following the merger, the program’s name was changed to KBS Music Awards (Hangul: KBS 가요대상; RR: KBS Gayo Daesang). It aired on KBS1 each year on 30 December until 1994, when the program moved to KBS2. Until 1986, there were separate awards for males and females, but in 1987 they were combined.

In 2005, the program’s name was changed to KBS Song Festival (Hangul: KBS 가요대축제; RR: KBS Gayo Daechukje). Along with the name change, the format was also modified where individual artists received special awards. In 2009, another format change came about where viewers could select the top artists and their awards by way of public votes. [Source: Wikipedia]


Also in 2009, KBS switched from an award giving format to more of a music festival vibe and to this day is still broadcasting Gayo Daechukjae annually, usually at the end of the year in December. But who cares about my little history lesson here, let’s get to the good stuff as in G.O on stage with the provocative Uhm Jung Hwa. Note: we don’t see Jung Hwa because this cam is deliciously G.O-focused.~^^

As much as G.O is the most sexiest man on the planet in my eyes, I have to concede that all five of the music men brought their sexy A+-game best to the stage that evening. Still, I am quite thrilled that there is focused cam of G.O bringing his quiet disco swag and smolder to the stage.

I think Mr. Disco was rather amused by this performance, and I cannot tell if this capture is a rehearsal or the actual taping. Nevertheless he looked absolutely gorgeous in those black sparkly pants and white shirt. And ahem, how about that hip action. *Swoooon*

D.I.S.C.O is one catchy song, right? I could not fight the urge to groove along. So much fun! My favorite part of this cam however was the sweet and respectful way G.O bows to Jung Hwa as they leave the stage. If I have said it once, I have said it five million times, G.O is such a perfect blend of sweet and sexy.


[Image cr. as tagged; video cr. Prang Park/The G.O]


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