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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 561

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Just when I thought the bounty of updates G.O gifted us in the 18th month of his service had concluded, he launched an assault on our hearts. On the evening of 30 August, he pushed us clear out of any mid-week Wednesday blues and updated with not one, but two gorgeous selcas that, to be honest, are better than boyfriend picture could ever aspire to be. Ladies, show your boyfriends because this is how it is done.~^^

First, in the glow of the phone and dashboard lights, he gave us BF pic number one:

On the road, looking a bit coy with a hint of a soft smile, G.O’s caption read that after he took this shot, he got a cramp in his neck [응 찍고나서 목에 쥐났어]. Oh my . . . the perils of selca-taking are real! ><

He then followed up about 20 minutes later with a killer BF shot that he simply captioned: 목 스트레칭 [Neck stretching]. Like literally, he phonetically wrote the word stretching in Hangul.


Not only do these updates prove that G.O is surviving his mandatory military service, he is thriving ~ and is looking so good doing it!


[Image cr. jung_g_o]


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