The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 535

Could it be that since he has under 200 days remaining in his service with the finish line truly visible that G.O is compelled to pummel us with survival report updates at almost rapid fire pace?! Blasting into August with back-to-back selcas on the evening of Thursday, August 3rd, G.O once again revealed himself to be every bit the grounded, relaxed, content, confident and yes, flirtatious young man we have come to love and admire, albeit some sea sickness.~😜

When he posted the first of two selcas that fine Thursday evening, I thought maybe it was a national holiday in South Korea because G.O was out on the waterways in what looks like a rather comfortable sea vessel. Then I remembered that enlistees do get some time off from their jobs in the military and as he has just moved into his eighteenth month of service and up in rank, he may have been enjoying some furlough time. If that is the case, how wonderfully nice of him to share some of his free time with us.

There is so much perfect going on in this picture that I do not know where to begin. But, I will start with that hint of a smile he is wearing because I absolutely love seeing him happy! Moreover, he looks so refreshed and healthy. He is a living advertisement of what it means to take a well needed break to refocus, regroup and yes, even heal. I cannot reiterate enough how the decision G.O made to enter the military when he did was probably one of the best decisions he has ever made for himself. We tend to know ourselves the best, and he is proof of that adage.

Next, I cannot help but comment on his style. I LOVE G.O’S STYLE!!!!! The white Lacoste polo wears him very well and looks cool and comfortable, doesn’t it?  Perfect choice for yachting. Then, when isn’t a fedora sophisticated and stylish?? The one G.O is sporting here has a tasteful hat band that is whimsically tropical and adds a splash of color that catches the eye. As always, G.O’s style is on point and firing on all cylinders.

I have to mention the goatee. Yes, G.O’s gorgeously manicured goatee is a thing of wonder and looks absolutely magnificent. I know he has mentioned on countless occasions how rapid his facial hair grows, but in this picture, it looks pretty full as in it has been growing-a-few-days full, so the thought of him being on holiday is indeed a possibility.

Too much handsome!!

Sadly, his caption to this wonderful work of art seems to indicate that after snapping the picture, he became motion and/or seasick. [‘응 사진찍고 바로 멀미함’].~😟

* * *

Shortly after he updated with the above, G.O surprised us with another.

In all of our excitement surrounding his updates, we have failed to take a moment to sympathize with G.O as within the caption accompanying this update ‘응 멀미엔 샤워야’ ~ he once again mentions that seasickness. >.< Hopefully the shower he also mentions was the remedy to help ease his upset tummy. I don’t know but his eyes do seem to be telling the tale of still not feeling all that well. Poor baby!!!!

Seasickness notwithstanding, G.O gives an entirely new meaning to term when he dares to post a selca wearing a robe while sitting on what is presumably a hotel bed or perhaps maybe a stateroom bed on the yacht! I admit that I do feel bad for ogling but this is almost as provocative as his previous update from the boudoir. Like I mentioned back on that day, G.O’s survival reports are making it increasingly difficult for us to survive.

We have 196 more days to go . . .


[Image cr. jung_g_o]



  1. Nan says:

    And I don’t know about the rest of you but… those particular photos he shared definitely made my heart flutter… LOL

    • Michele says:

      Hi Nan! Oh indeed, I am not yet recovered. Six months to go and he will be back…cannot wait! I hope you are doing well!~♡

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