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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 503

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I could take the easiest possible avenue here for the seventh letter of the alphabet by simply saying G is for G.O! It is perfectly logical and fitting for today’s post. There are so many possibilities: graceful, gracious, generous, gifted, gallant, and even the obvious, gorgeous. But I can go one simpler. Indeed, I want to choose a word that all others could claim is perhaps the foundation by which each found their way into the category of describing G.O. One that most likely defines him from core to surface. It is probably my favorite word to describe him and heaven knows you will easily find it in every single post I have written about him here on this blog. That word is gentle.

G is for Gentle

Although G.O’s gentleness can be gauged by so many variables, his eyes are the perfect window to peer into and experience gentle. It doesn’t matter when, where, what the circumstance or era, there always seems to be gentleness in G.O’s beautiful and deep dark brown eyes.

I could be here until discharge day sharing pictures of G.O’s gentle eyes. But I think the few I have shared for today are example enough to prove I am on point and not exaggerating. Of course, the other way in which G.O’s gentleness shines is through his music.

Again, there are hundreds of examples wherein he would have to serve two rounds of duty (or more) for me to adequately have the number of days to demonstrate. Instead of going completely out of control, I am going to choose just one. As much as it breaks me apart to hear him sing it, it is one of my favorites: 너를 위해 [For You]. His final stage performance at the I.Callist Idol Vocal Concert before entering the military captured a powerful mixture of gentleness in his voice, in his eyes and yes, in his heart.

Gentle voice. Gentle eyes. Gentle . . . man.


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