[series] 116 Reasons to Love Byung Hee – #12 Insta-Romance – Update

Reason 12 Insta-Romance – Update

On February 4, 2016, some sweet G.O Instagram updating took us all by surprise. Inasmuch as it has only been a little over a week since he shared some love, G.O’s prompt and steady flow of updates since joining Instagram had us all a bit anxious as to where he was, but more importantly, what he was up to.

G.O laid to rest some anxiety I was experiencing. He confirmed participation in an upcoming concert featuring four idols from four different groups, The I.Callist Idol Vocalist Concert:

A Valentine’s Day lovefest!! To cure my uneasy soul, G.O updated his Instagram with this photographic candy-gram:

Keeping his insta-hoodie style in check, the music man in his element looking happy and relaxed, gave us a thumb’s up during a break from what appears to be a rehearsal. The only mystery surrounding the update was his caption which simply read: adieu [farewell].

I wondered….is that the name of a song he has written, was rehearsing and intends to sing at the I.Callist concert? Or, is he preparing us for his eventual departure to serve his mandatory military service? Or maybe….just maybe the crew up there were done for night, wrapping up and he was simply saying good-bye.~^^


Still, I rather enjoy when G.O is being all vague and mysterious. I love it even more, however, when he is being clever and playful. Take for example his tweet following the posting of the picture:


This here is a full on G.O-manufactured spoiler alert!!! His fans know him well and know how well he plays on words, phrases and the like. They speculate this to be G.O’s set list for the concert and suggest the following:

~~~~> 너를 위해

all~~~~> All of Me

des~~~~> Desperado

사~~~~>사랑은 차가운 유혹

play~~~~> Play That Song

We all saw him take Yim Jae Bum’s 너를 위해 [For You] apart and expertly put it back together again during his stint on King of Masked Singer and received immense praise from the judges as a result.

We heard a little bit of his cover of John Legend’s All of Me when some audio of him rehearsing the song was leaked not too long ago.

He regaled us with 사랑은 차가운 유혹 [Love Is A Cold Temptation],  the first time he stepped onto the Immortal Song 2 stage on June 25, 2011, and made our hearts explode (as he is want to do) in the wake of it.

Play That Song is his baby. G.O’s second digital single released back in 2013 is a brilliant collaboration with the amazing instrumentalist and composer, Yiruma. G.O found an unlikely kindred spirit in Yiruma whose incredible talent and technique pushed the boundaries of his neo-classical style by marrying it with G.O’s neo-soul producing perhaps one of the smoothest sounds ever. G.O’s tender voice tempered with Yiruma’s lithe piano is an intoxicating cocktail of silk and soul.

If the ‘des’ is The Eagles’ Desperado, I just don’t know what to say other than I am convinced that G.O’s soul was born many years before he himself arrived to this earth. His aptitude and awareness of compositions written and recorded well before he was even here is a testament to his respect and reverence towards music. Desperado is a true emotional ballad with deep and incredible meaning about ‘the outlaw’ or ‘rockstar’ who weathers the storms of life alone. However, instead of being too stoic and proud perhaps to allow love, companionship, and connection in, our loner hero is in fact longing for it. It was the first song founding Eagles’ members Don Henley and Glenn Frey wrote together. I don’t know when they wrote it, but it was first recorded in 1973.

G.O will be able to sink his voice, his emotion, his passion, his heart and his soul into this song. With the recent passing of Glenn Frey, singing Desperado will be an emotional moment of respect being paid to one of the premier American songwriters of the last 40+ years. It is definitely a song G.O can make his own and sing well, very well. The melody, tone and timbre of the song are absolutely perfect for him. I am so hoping ‘des’ is indeed Desperado.

I will continue to believe with all that I am that G.O chooses songs that mean something to him personally. There is nothing arbitrary in his choices. Nothing.

For the first time (in a long time), I am looking forward to Valentine’s Day.^^ I think magic will unfold on the KBS Arena stage that evening. In fact, I know it will.

[Image cr.  jung_g_o and pjyguard]

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