It’s A MBLAQ Love Package Thing


For it is in giving that we receive. ~ Francis of Assisi

When I heard there was going to be an Mwave online meet & greet with MBLAQ following the release of their 6th mini album Broken, I was stoked. It would be the first time I participated in something like that and it just sounded exciting. Mwave was offering the CDs for sale with the added extra bonus of them being autographed by the men of MBLAQ. Now, I really wanted in.

My plan was simple in the beginning. I was going to order two copies (one for me and one for my Byung Hee World blogging partner Nelly). Then my competitive nature took over when I learned that there were going to be some extra bonuses for the top five buyers. I wondered how far I could go and also wondered if I could actually land in the top five. Did I have the financial stamina to beat out group buyers?


The answer: Yes! My purchase of 50 autographed copies of Broken put me in third place among the top five buyers. I received some extra goods in way of an autographed poster:


And 8 badges commemorating the meet & greet which took place on May 30:


The meet and greet was high entertainment and it was so wonderful to see G.O even though I had just seen the guy two weeks prior (in Seoul) in his role as Ho Dong in 바람의나라 (The Kingdom of the Winds). I have learned that a fangirl’s appetite to see or be near her bias is pretty much insatiable once she has had the opportunity to see or be near her bias!!!


Ummm…yeah..ok, that may look a little stalkerish…..I was rather close! LOL!

But I digress….so nearly two months following the Mwave meet and greet with MBLAQ, I received my 50 autographed copies of Broken. Now during the meet & greet, Seung Ho, Cheondoong, G.O and Mir all graciously thanked the top five buyers for buying so many copies of their CD. They said they were appreciative and hoped that we would be sharing the CDs with others. I took that to heart and started my MBLAQ Love Package campaign of sorts and have been shipping them all over the world to fans who were otherwise not able to buy a copy or missed the opportunity to buy one. It has been an absolute joy and pleasure to send the packages and share my love for MBLAQ in this way.

20140818_212423These Love Packages have made journeys to Mexico, Spain, Venezuela, Singapore, Germany, Japan, Indonesia, Guam, Malaysia, Romania, as well as here in the U.S.


I have also shared CDs with coworkers and friends. I believe this is what those five fab men would expect me to do. So if you are interested in owning an autographed copy of MBLAQ’s sixth mini album, Broken, drop me a message here and I can probably hook you up!!^^


I do have one a caveat, however….my remaining copies with G.O and Joon photo cards are not available. I have sent out all I can of those and need to hang on to my remaining copies. The actual cover of the CD box is what is autographed and I can assure you the autographs are 100% authentic. If you are not an MBLAQ fan but are curious and interested in owning a copy, I heartily recommend. This 7-cut CD is remarkably good and is not your average cookie cutter K-pop. It leans more towards R&B than anything else.

I plan to continue to send out these Love Packages until I have one remaining copy of those with Seung Ho, Cheondoong and Mir photo cards. I have to keep a set of the five for myself after all!^^


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  1. Lin says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you still had any albums left with a Seungho photocard?! I think it’s so sweet of you that you’re doing something like that for us fans! KUDOS AND MUCH LOVE TO YOU!

    • Michele says:

      Hi Lin…YES…that Bad Panda packed the boxes that were shipped to me and gave the most with his photo card!!! I would be happy to send you a Panda Package!! Email me your contact info and please include a telephone or mobile number as I will need that for the shipping label.

      Oh that Panda….LOL!!!

  2. Carly says:

    Hello!! I actually know of you~ I good friends with Christina(Crystal is her provided online name) and am the one who sent her a birthday package! My name on twitter is Mir-beojji. I was wondering if you have a copy available of Mir? I had a copy but to be very honest, I gave it away to someone who didn’t have any MBLAQ albums. I felt really depressed about giving up my signed album but then I had a sense of warmth because the person I gave it to was very appreciative. So I figured that I could just order myself another signed album…well that never happened because my mother had breast cancer surgery just recently and had to quit her job. So I am having to support my mom and pay her bills. I had some spare money but I ended up buying Crystals gift with it instead. So if you had a copy with a Mir photo card, I would appreciate it so much. Words could never explain how appreciative that I would be, 😉 be well and take care!

    • Michele says:

      Hi Carly,

      I would be happy to send you a Mir. Email me your contact information and please include a telephone or mobile number as I will need to include that on the shipping label. Email to

      I am very sorry to hear about your mom. And I pray she recovers fully. I completely understand the demands we face when a parent becomes ill with a challenging disease. I went through it myself. Be strong and just love. Somehow those two simple words carried me through the difficult times I faced when my mom became ill. I wish your and you the best.

      I will send you Mir with all my love. Besides that little brat will always have a special place in my heart for butchering my name during the meet and greet!!! I love him all the same! I think along with G.O, he has the tenderest heart of the bunch. I completely understand why you and all of his fans adore him. Cutie maknae!

      Take care….and email me!^^

  3. kfangurl says:

    I think you are AWESOME for being the MBLAQ fairy, my dear. ❤ So sweet, so pure, and so generous. ❤❤❤

    I’m not a kpop fan myself, but I’ve tweeted this post to let more people know about your love package! Smooches!

    • Michele says:

      Hehehehehe…I think I am pretty much a fangirl out of control. But it is the best out of control I’ve been in so it is not such a bad thing!! Thank you for retweeting….!! I hope I am successful in distributing all but the copies I plan to save for myself! It will be an awesome feat and I want to complete it! Thank you again…..kiss kiss kisses!!!

  4. Marlena says:

    Oh my God, I’m crying T_____T you have so great heart that I can’t…. This is truly awesome *___* Generous… I hope MBLAQ will get to know about this ❤❤❤❤ They would be touched TT
    You’re… A+ angel ❤❤❤ ;____;
    I just thought i i could ask you to send them to my 3 best A+friends , 2 i live with in the same city and one from Canada 😀 they wanted it so badly ,so it would make them sooo happy as surprise without telling them >_<

    • Michele says:

      Absolutely….of course! The surprise part will be EPIC!!!! Email me their contact info. Also, let me know who I should send to who. I am only sending out SH, Mir and CD copies so hopefully one of those guys will be their 1st or at least 2nd bias!!

  5. missienelly says:

    Michele, you’re the best MBLAQ fairy god mother around! And did ya notice that more and more G.O fans are calling themselves G.Oddesses? I’m so, so proud of us and our epic blog (which mostly runs by you more so than me lately!). I love ya Michele! G.O loves ya too!

    • Michele says:

      We are forever his G.Oddesses….♥ As far as being MBLAQ fairy godmother, I think I am just doing what they would want me to do. It is my very small way to support them. I adore them more than I thought I even had the bandwidth to do so and G.O, well that man is clearly my reason for breathing lately even when he is making me hyperventilate! I love you too my G.Oddess partner in all things G.O. He and all his G.Oddesses (you included) are probably the best things to have come into my life in a long while. I’m pretty grateful every day.^^ Kisses!!♥♥♥

  6. Shy says:

    Hi…I happen to stumble to this site of yours…I’ve been a fan of MBLAQ for some time now but never had a chance to actually own any of their cd. DO you still have any of Seungho’s package.. I’ll be forever grateful..Thank you
    You are definitely the best!!

    • Michele says:

      Hi….yes I still do have a few Panda packages in my inventory.^^ Please email me your contact information and be sure to include a contact phone number. My email address is

      I will send you one.♡

      • Shy says:

        OMG!!! thank you sooooo much….i couldn’t sleep just thinking about it. I probably won’t be able to sleep at all from all this excitement. You are truly blessed!!

  7. Robin says:

    Hello! My friend Carly actually told me about you >///< and I read your blog and you're so amazing 😀 i'm actually friends with Crystal too..

    honestly i'm a new A+, i just joined the fandom this year although i've already known about MBLAQ years before. I'm quite sad coz I haven't actually owned or bought anything MBLAQ related ever since I joined and then Carly told me about you. I was really ecstatic 😀

    I was wondering if you still have of the Seungho package but if not I don't mind any package at all. xD I'll be forever grateful and indebted to you!

    Really, you are an amazing person and thank you sooo sooo much for doing this!!

    • Michele says:

      Hi Robin….thank you for your kind words. Seriously, I could not think of doing anything other than what I am doing by sending out MBLAQ love!! I do indeed have a Panda for you, if you like. I am convinced Seung Ho packed the boxes sent to me as I had the most copies of the CD with that bad Panda’s photo card!! The nerve of him to eke out G.O!!! Amazingly, I will exhaust my supply of his soon, I think!! Please email me your contact information and include a contact number (mobile or lan line). I will do my best to ship out tomorrow and if not tomorrow, certainly on Friday. Email me at Thanks.


      • Robin says:


        sorry for the capslock attack xD

        Seungho definitely packed those to make share you share more of the Seungholic love hahahaha

        I actually read your fan account before when you went to watch G.O.’s musical, i think I even shared it on twitter and we talked abit? xD


  8. Keidi Cormier says:

    Omg! I am so in love with MBLAQ! I don’t have any of their albums, tho T_T my friend directed me here saying that you could help me. I would LOVE one of those albums from the bottom of my heart. Since you’re out of Joon, I would love a Mir one, if you still have any. <3333

    • Michele says:

      Hi Keidi,

      OMG..I am so in love with them too….they are too lovable, aren’t they??? Is Joon your bias? Gosh, that man is gorgeous!! Yes you are correct, unfortunately, I am not sending out any Joon (or my main man, G.O) but I would be happy to share a Mir with you. Email me your contact information at and I will send it out tomorrow. Please keep supporting and loving them.

  9. Carly says:

    Hey, it’s Carly again, Unnie~ I was wondering if there was any way possible that you could send a cd to one of my very close A+ friends. She only has the Smoky Girl album and really has wanted a broken album for so long but hasn’t been able to get her hands on one. She’s a total sweetie. Is it possible that you may have a Seungho copy left? I’m sorry to ask, she just said that she was far too shy to ask directly so I went ahead and decided that I might be able to ask for her. ^^ Thank you, sweet unnie~♥

    • Michele says:

      Not sure I want to part with any more SH……but of course if she would like a copy of the CD, I would be happy to send one. Just let me think on that SH….hehehehe.^^

    • Michele says:

      Hi Jo….let me check as I know I was nearing on the last of my Mir stash! Out of the 50 I purchased, I received the least of his. 🙁 I am almost positive I will be able to send you one but let me confirm for sure. Please email me your name, address, and contact phone number for shipping purposes to I am going to assume Mir is your bias…but if he is not, please let me know who is. Thanks!

      • Jo says:

        Hey ! Thanks for your reply ! I have drop you an e-mail. hehehe yeaaaa Mir is my bias !!! Im so happy to hear good news from you. You made my day ^_^

  10. Farah says:

    Hi! I stumbled upon your blog a few days ago, and I think it is very kind of you to do this. I know I might be a bit late to ask, but do you still have any autographed copies left? If you miraculously do have a copy left, I would be forever grateful

  11. Wai says:

    Ah why didn’t I see this earlier ;o;… I’m wondering if you still have any seungho photocard albums left ?! I think its great that Mblaq has a fan like you that supports them no matter what happens! These boys really deserve more love!
    I’ve been a fan for a long time now and i haven’t been able to get my hand on this album OTL

    • Michele says:

      Hi….well, I am sad to say that I exhausted my Panda stock. In fact, in the 50 that I purchased, I received the most quantity of his and managed to give out all but one – one that I have for my own personal full 5 collection.

      I am so so so sorry!!! ><

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